Cookooz – An Amazing All-in-One Recipe Organizer & Planner

We carry our phones with us everywhere we go, whether it be our living room or workspace – shouldn’t we venture into the kitchen with it? Cooking and recipe organizer apps are the next step in the complete mobile takeover, offering step – by – step instructions on how to make the simplest and the most complicated dish or the ability to organize and always have your recipes wherever you are. The app market is loaded with both premium and freemium offerings but today we are going to talk about our new favorite recipe organizing app – Cookooz!
What is Cookooz?

Cookooz is a recipe organizing app developed for iOS devices and it a special one for all of us that are a little bit lazy. If you are like us and you feel like typing or writing the recipes you’d like to save is a bit of a boring chore Cookooz is here to make all of our lives simpler. This app allows us to save all of the recipes by snapping a picture of the recipe, whether is from a cooking magazine, someone’s recipe binder, website etc. with Cookooz all you need to do is take a picture of the recipe (you can take up to 5 pictures per recipe) and save it so you’ll have it whenever you need it.
Cookooz key features

Cookooz comes with many useful features that will make everything recipe related much simple and efficient. The app has a tag system thus making the search for that recipe you desperately need so much easier. You can attach multiple tags, by meal type, cuisine type and ingredients, or you can create customizable tags based on references, level of difficulty, etc. If you find yourself always going for a number of same recipes all the time, you can add them to the Favorite List so they are always one click away from viewing. Cookooz can sort your recipe collection by alphabetical order, rating, and creation date, and browse them in two different view-formats, list or image.

With Cookooz you can plan menus, whether it is for simple family gathering, the massive thanksgiving dinner, Christmas or anything else, you can plan everything in the app’s calendar and arrange the recipes in the sequence you’d like to serve. You can also share your recipes and calendar with family, friends or helpers by email. Cookooz have a backup feature so you’ll never lose any of your recipes.

No matter if you are inexperienced home cook or a master chef, Cookooz recipe organizer will make your life quite simpler. You can find and download Cookooz for free at the App Store. Try it out today.