USFantasy Sports – Play, Compete & Win Big

You’re looking for a fun way to get in on the action and fantasy sports are a good choice. It’s fun, competitive, and low energy. If you are already a fan of fantasy sports and you got some knowledge than there are apps that can help you enter some contests and get your chance to win big pay-outs. To find the right sports app for this purpose is not easy and to help you we looked and we found for you one amazing fantasy sports app. Let’s discuss about the app.

What is USFantasy Sports?

USFantasy Sports is one amazing sports app that is developed for IOS users as the new, easiest and most inexpensive form of daily fantasy sports. By using this app, users are able to be a part of daily fantasy sports contests with a field consisting of eight to fourteen athletes. Users just need to pick the winner or order of finish and win big without any salary caps. The fantasy sports contests are offered in various sports and multiple formats. With this app, users have the chance to enjoy competing and winning big prize pay-outs for their fantasy sports knowledge.

Why do we love this sports app?

This app has to offer its users simplified scoring rules and uncomplicated contest format that makes winning easier and effortless. Only with small entry fees, users can provide returns that are 10X or greater. On the app users are offered multiple ways to play. Users can simply pick a contest entry to win. For larger prizes, users need to play the EXACT 2 by picking the top two contest finishers in order or the EXACT 3 by picking the top three finishers in order. For users that want to go further they can do that by picking the winners of multiple contests with the PICK 2 of two selected contests or PICK 3 for the winners of three selected contests. Simply, pick the winners and enjoy a pay-out based on the final prize values and the contest entries can be made for as low as 10 cents. On the official website an android apk version of this app can be downloaded too.

Download the app now on App Store for free and compete in daily fantasy sports contests!