How to Bug a Cell Phone for Free – TheOneSpy Bugging Software

Introduction to Cellphone Bugging

Cell phone bugging is a type of mobile phone surveillance or spying in which an individual’s messages, conversations and location (Tracking) is monitored or put under monitoring by a third party or person usually without the intent and knowledge of the person whose cell phone is bugged. However, there can be some cases in which the mobile user has knowledge that he or she is being monitored such as in case of corporate cell phone spy.

The Need to Bug a Cellphone

In most cases bugging a cellphone is an unlawful activity and can be considered as unethical invasion of privacy. But, there are situations when the stakes are very high when you compare a situation with privacy laws and ethics.

There can be four cases when a need may be aroused to bug a cell phone mentioned in the following.

Espionage for a National Security:

These situations may include when there is a concern over national security. Mobile spying is an essential part of espionage to secure a country.

Child Protection against Porn, Violence and other Moral Issues:

There may be occasions that you are worried about the sanctity of your child who faces the devastating side effects of modern media explosion in the form of sex and violence. Recent research in psychology provides us concrete evidence that observation and induction of sex and valance in young children that are below eighteen years of age can lead to severe psychological and physiological problems in their adult life. The researchers are now associating the devastating effects of porn that can be easily viewed on cell phones with drug addiction and abuse. Neurological research proves that a person watching porn, even an adult can have a brain that is loaded with the similar neurotransmitters that are released in the brain of a person is taking drugs.

Saving Family Relationships:

When you are in a relationship with a person as a spouse or engaged in a courtship and you come across a doubt that your loved one is cheating on you. If the evidence is good enough and based on your foresight, you come across a point and find yourself into a situation when you have to decide to spend the rest of your life caring for a person that does not respect your feelings.

Corporate Surveillance:

This cadre of bugging is different from the rest of three mentioned above in a way that the cell phone sanctioned for business use to an employee is installed with an app with the consent of the employee who uses the cell phone.  The employer to monitor the activity of the user of the cellphone to make sure that the employed person complies with the work ethos of the company.

There is a host of possibilities when you need to put your ethics and privacy concern for others, to put them aside and resort to actions that can do more good than damage. These are the occasions that you have to make up your mind to make things straight.

You may be astonished to know that it can be done with an asset that has become a necessity for everyone in our modern lifestyle. Every Tom, Dick and Harry owns, carries and keeps a mobile phone everywhere, even in extremely private locations and situations with ignorable exceptions.

Take a moment to think; you will find out a cell phone is so ingrained in the human lifestyle that it has almost become part of our body and soul. The mobile phone once became a status symbol when it was first introduced in the market. It remained a rich man’s toy for a very long time until another advent occurred when this technology became immensely inexpensive and became the part of almost everyone’s life.  A typical individual has a mobile phone in places that are the most private.

Bugging a Cellphone for Free

Now that you have found plenty of reasons that make it understandable why one wants to spy on others through via mobile phones let’s cut to the beef of the subject. In almost all the cases you need to download and install TheOneSpy front back camera app on the target mobile phone (the phone which you need to bug). A free software app can be downloaded from the following link. Alternatingly you can download it on your computer and transfer it to the phone.

The following link is a website where you will create an account and login to monitor the target cell phone from anywhere you have the web access. You will have your dashboard for spying.

When you use this free method to spy mic on someone for any reason, you face one severe drawback, and that is the limitation of features. It can problem can be rectified by using software that is more professionally coded and developed software apps. The software you can use to overcome this drawback is TheOneSpy with Mic Bug feature. TheOneSpy is a premium software app that provides a massive plethora of solutions to deal with surveillance problems. You just have to download the app and install it on the mobile phone that you need to monitor. You can get registered online, and you will be able to control any mobile phone device on which you have downloaded and installed the app. You will be able to open the hidden microphone of the cell phone at any time and listen to the conversations taking place in the surroundings with secrecy in most cases and come up with proper and constructive solutions for the problems that you may encounter in your social stature.