App Review – The Money Pouch

Smartphone apps make it easy to accomplish nearly anything, from staying on top of your weight loss plan to “playing” a “harmonica”. At any rate, investors can also take advantage of the usefulness and portability of smartphone apps. It is possible to keep track of your portfolio, research investments and even execute trades from anywhere that your phone has access to a data network. A phenomenon of the internet age is how the cost of almost everything has dropped compared to the pre-Internet days; investing is no exception. In a single generation, the cost to buy or sell a stock has dropped from $45 per trade to $4.95– even $0 with some brokerages– as anybody can literally execute a trade in seconds through a smartphone investing app.

What is The Money Pouch?

The Money Pouch wealth management app comes with robo advisor, an automated algorithm based portfolio management advice without the interference of human emotion or bias, reducing costs and emotional errors while trading investments on auto-pilot. With this automated trading system, robot trading and robo investing you can automatically buy and sell stock and bond exchange traded funds without spending all your treasured free time. The Money Pouch robo adviser will work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and automatically rebalance your portfolio to maximize returns, whilst minimizing risks.

Your own Robo Trader

This app manages your investment account 24/7 around the clock and will do all the work for you, while you focus on the other important things in your life. The Money Pouch app uses Modern Portfolio Theory, automated algorithmic trading, frequent rebalancing and risk profiling to maximize returns on your money and minimize the risk. The Money Pouch manages your account with taxes in mind, as minimizing your taxes is of key importance to maximizing long-term investment returns. Any dividends paid out are automatically reinvested in the strategy.  The amazing thing with this app is that there are no lock-ins, which means you can cash out your investment portfolio at any given time.

If you want to give The Money Pouch app a try, you can find and download it for free at the the App Store.