Secure your codes with WordPIN

In this age of contactless pin payments, alarming number of credit and debit cards, passcodes for alarms, vaults and more, the chances you will forget your pins are more likely than you would think. There are thousands of apps on the market you can use to store your important pins, passwords and codes. But the tricky part is, once you enter the correct combination, they open, and all your important content is visible to the world. And it’s not uncommon for someone to guess your secret combination by accident and this is when problems occur. But after some searching through the net, we found WordPIN, the app that not only store your passcodes, but does it in a way that makes it impossible for someone else to find them out even if they have access to your WordPIN app.

The safest place for your pins and other numeric codes

The WordPIN app is the smartphone application that enables you to remember any forgotten pin and passcode within seconds. The method this app uses is 100% secure, extremely fast and user friendly. You even don’t need internet connection, which means it works anytime and anywhere. The app runs independently on your mobile device. The app is totally secure because only you, the pin owner can read the given information on the screen of your device. WordPIN will help you memorize and store all your numeric codes in a safe and secure place from which you can access them at any given time.

100% secure, fast and user-friendly

The WordPIN app is the fastest and safest way to retrieve a forgotten numeric codes like pins, pascodes, simlocks, etc. All you have to do is to decide on a secret word, and the word pin app will generate random list of numbered letters combinations. You can modify the numbers behind the letter so they can match your secret word, and this way you can have the same secret word for every pin, and numeric code you have. As long as nobody knows your secret word, nobody will ever crack your codes. You can change the codes wherever you want and you can also use the app for codes longer than 4 digits.

You can find and download the WordPIN app for free at the App Store.