Shark DuoClean with Flexology IF250UK Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Cleaning the house should be a simple task, however, it isn’t and it can sometimes become tedious. Thanks to the Shark DuoClean Cordless Vacuum, boring cleaning is a thing of the past. I picked one up from and thought that it’s worth me taking some time to tell you more about it. The days of plugging your vacuum cleaner have long gone and if you haven’t got a cordless one then you might want to try the Shark DuoClean.

Easy Cleaning

Shark cordless vacuum will make your daily housework tasks easy to do. The portable appliance comes with a double brush that scoops dirt easily. With two rolls, Shark cordless vacuum easily removes messes from hard floors and carpets.
Flexology allows you to reach difficult areas of your house. It can be charged and stored away in any small corner of your home. The flex-wand bends with only one click, so it is easy to reach under the furniture. When the flex wand is folded down, the size of the vacuum will be halved for immediate storage.

Amazing Run-time

The vacuum comes with two Lithium-ion batteries that are enough for a single cleaning session. When fully charged, Shark cordless vacuum offers 44 minutes runtime on one single battery charge. I did find that the vacuuming went on for much longer, only because I switched it off each time I had to move something out the way or move to a different room.  Both batteries are removable and replaceable, and you do have the option to purchase spare ones. The full charge time ranges from approximately 3 hours to 3 hours 30 minutes. If you do have a tasked at hand then you don’t need to have a full charge. the battery indicator shows you just how far the charge has gone.

The two-stage filtration offers HEP rating. One is a big cylinder filter foam, located under the top cover panel, while another is a small filter located beneath the handle. These need to be wash at least once a month to remove dirt and dust. One big concern among users is whether Shark vacuum is easy to clean. Emptying the vacuum is quite straightforward and it traps no dust at all. You just need to open the front flap to let the dust and dirt drop out. Shark vacuum is user-friendly because nearly all levers and clips are properly labelled. I actually started using the Shark DuoClean without even reading the instructions. And that wasn’t me being all macho, it was simply because it’s easy to use.


The good thing about Shark cordless vacuum is the low noise level, I could vacuum my house at 10 pm without worrying about disturbing the neighbours. The dual filter arrangement and simplified air flow contribute in stifling the overall noise. At low-power mode, the vacuum produces about 70dB of noise; which is acceptable. On full power mode and over a hard floor, it is measured at about 78dB. The run-time make it even more interesting  I have seen other vacuums on the market but I would be honest with you, it would take me a lot to give the Shark DuoClean up for something else. That’s because I have tried and tested it and find it quite satisfying to vacuum my home. Never thought I would ever be saying that.

You can pick up a Shark DuoClean IF250UK Cordless Vacuum at There’s a range of different type of Shark Vacuum at different price and features.