How to Set Your iPhone up for Business

(Ad) Gone are the days when the trusted Blackberry ruled the roost of business communications. Your iPhone is now not only what makes things happen in your personal and private life, its also the hub of operations when it comes to the business realm of life. Managing this work-life balance is important so that neither side of your iPhone spills messily into the other, making for awkward business meetings or unwelcome 3am calls from Tokyo. Similarly, knowing some of the ways to set up your device professionally will help you excel in the workplace. Check out these tips thatll help you make to most of your iPhone.


Manage Your Content

Nightmare scenarios of colleagues picking up your phone to find compromising messages, pictures, or web links happen all too often when at work. Theres a reason the acronym NSFW exists! If your iPhone contains any sensitive material, it either has to go, or be locked away for peace of mind. Thankfully, theres plenty of apps and tips that’ll help you achieve this, so that your private life remains so while youre at work.


Go International

In a globalized world, its more than likely that every now and then youre going to be talking to someone on the other side of the planet and, when this is the case, youll want to ensure cheap rates and reliable connections by looking into international calling plans. Saving money, time and face by having selected from the best international calling plans will smooth your communications with colleagues and clients across the globe and ensure that when youre traveling on business, youre still only a phone call away.


Choose Your Apps

Theres a fine line between maximizing the potential of your iPhone and downloading too many apps, creating clutter and taking up memory that could be used for useful documents and notes. Filtering apps into folders will help you declutter. Then, consider what’s out there. Note-taking apps sync immediately to your computer or tablet; document editing apps allow you to look over papers on the go; and there’s all sorts of apps for productivity thatll keep you pushing for that promotion.


Manage Your Use

Its central to your communicative capacity as a worker, but never forget that a phone can often be distracting and annoying to colleagues. No one wants this sort of reputation in the office, so taking to steps to minimise this risk, from downloading apps to streamline notifications to simply ensuring your phone is on silent, and the voice in the speaker is quiet, will maintain your professional reputation. In some circumstances, it might just be best to switch off.

With what feels like most of the world sitting in your pocket, your iPhone will bring that world to you, economically and efficiently, given the correct business set-up. Hiding content, being disciplined with use, managing appropriate international calls and downloading (and deleting) the right apps will sit you in good stead when bringing your phone into the workplace.