With SmartPurch You Can Always Save Money When Browsing Amazon

It is hard to deny that Amazon offers the best online shopping experience. However, another fact that often it is the most expensive online market place. So, in order to save you tremendous amount of money, especially if you frequently shop on Amazon, we will speak about SmartPurch that you can easily download from the Chrome Store and you need to have Chrome installed on your device.

Simple personal shopping assistant

Like we said, SmartPurch is an easy to use personal shopping chrome extension. By using this simple tool, users can find the cheapest deals and prices, purchase the items they need completely informed about the lowest prices. With this help of this shopping assistant, users will save money (you will be sure that you will be getting the lowest price for a certain item). Also you will save time from having to compare certain products on multiple websites. The Chrome Extension simply compares Amazon prices with other online retailers as eBay, Target, Walmart, Jet and others.

Why do we love this shopping assistant?

On this shopping browser, all the user needs to do is to browse Amazon like normally. When it comes to shopping, there are apps especially developed to help you save, SmartPurch is browsing other online stores in the background, finding the best and cheapest deals for that specific product. If this browser finds a better deal for the user, it alerts him fast and shows him how much money that deal will save him.

Great info, easy to proceed to purchase

The users get detailed information about the product like the final price including shipping and tax. Also, this shopping assistant is considering the time for the delivery, the seller ratings, the prime status and the price comparison, so the user can get the complete picture and make the smartest purchase decision as possible, it is not just a bland page with a price.

All you need to do is click on the notification send from SmartPurch and then  you will instantly get the prices from other online sellers, having the chance to choose the deal that works the best for you.

At the end of the day, SmartPurch is your easy way for economic & fast shopping at the best prices! Download the personal shopping assistant for your Google Chrome and always find the best online deals that will save you money! It can most certainly change the way you shop online.