App Review – BHRN

The BHRN app is designed to meet the needs of licensed residential treatment facilities and behavioral health professionals in California with its massive and yet comprehensive resource directory of emergency shelter services, detox centers, support groups, residential treatments, trainings and conferences. It’s a free tool, clinicians and behavioral health professionals can use to have access to real-time view of existing services and resources in their county. This app is widely used by thousands of behavioral health professionals in California for its user-friendly and comprehensive resource directory.

Job opportunities

If you are a Behavioral Health Professional looking for job, the BHRN app can be a great starting point. Employers use BHRN to post employment and career opportunities that target the app user base. This way, by targeting the BHRN users directly, employers have the ability to find the right professionals for their job positions. The BHRN app is an innovative and accessible tool that is helping transform the coordination of behavioral health services in California for the better. The app comes with three subscription plans – Professional Free, Professional Plus and Enterprise. The first one is completely free; the other two come at different prices, based on the features they are offering.

BHRN features

The BHNR app comes with features like advanced search filters, video library of video clips related to mental and behavioral health, searching and posting jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities throughout CA, team communication tools, RCF Audit Tools built on CCLD Standards and more. The BHRN app gives its users a free access to the most comprehensive resource platform for California based Behavioral Health Professionals. This app is built and designed as an innovative platform to inform and improve behavioral and mental health care. The BHRN app is available at the iOS App Store.