iPhone 11 Rumours and Leaks for 2018

Today we are talking about the iPhone 11 or as some people call it the iPhone XI. Last September we saw Apple release three new spectacular iPhones. Now that the iPhone has reached X, will it keep going up? This is hard to tell. Some people think it’ll be called the iPhone 11 others have different opinions. Will they do something different and call it the iPhone X2.

Let’s break it down…

Name and Price

Let’s start off with the name first. What will be the name of the 2018 iPhone? The iPhone 10 was expected to be called the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 was expected to be called the iPhone 7s. Instead for marketing purposes, Apple decided to go with the iPhone 8 as the naming scheme for the iPhone 7s. This is because most people hyped for the big iPhone 8 that Apple was going to release in 2017. And the iPhone 8 ended up being the iPhone X. When it comes to the 2018 iPhone, I don’t see Apple calling it the iPhone X2, iPhone 11 or even iPhone 9. Honestly, I think it’s a chance for Apple to restart the numbering scheme and call the new iPhone just ‘iPhone’. Even Cnet have made their own name predictions.

The price won’t be surprising, it’ll be over $1000 for sure. iPhone to keep getting more expensive and this won’t likely change.

Build – The Notch and Touch ID

Now let’s get to the fun part, the build. People are saying the iPhone 11 will be bigger than the iPhone X possibly giving you a choice between two sizes. I think Apple will decide to stick with one size for all. It would be easier for them as they would only need to design, manufacture, and test only one phone instead of two.

People hate the notch feature iPhone decide to include. Bgr even covered a story back in September scrutinising the notch. I don’t mind it as I use an iPhone X but I’m just one person. However, I think we can all agree that removing the notch on the iPhone 11 is easier said than done. First, there would be no face ID or selfie camera unless Apple finds some magical way to put those on the screen.

Speaking of things under the screen touch ID could possibly return with the iPhone 11 if Apple moves forward with developing their concept of a below the screen fingerprint sensor. If they do all of these things, then the iPhone 11s face would be 100% screen with no bezels. However, chances are Apple is spending their time improving face ID instead of re-adding touch ID. It makes sense to only have one or the other but then it’ll have a notch again but the notch can be shrunk down. Apple is trying to combine their face ID with the selfie camera which is good to hear. If that happens the new iPhone will look more like the Essential phone. Again, I think we all prefer a smaller notch over a bigger one.

Display and Software

Display wise were definitely looking at some improvements. Better screen resolution is a big possibility as well as more vibrant colours and total waterproofing, not water resistant waterproof. That means you can finally go swimming with your iPhone.

We might see some changes to the software if Apple’s willing to change things up. A new version of iOS comes out around the iPhone release date in September which could include special features for the iPhone XI. It’s too early to tell but there have been many concepts posted online.

These haven’t been confirmed by Apple obviously, they’re only concepts but sometimes concepts can be right anyway. Let me know what you think about the iPhone 11. Will touch ID return? Will the notch be removed? Will the headphone jack be brought back?