RetouchMe Photo Editing App

RetouchMe photo editing app is the ultimate and innovative way to turn your photos into model looking ones. The app allows you to make corrections to your photos with ease. You can easily get rid of that extra tummy or blemishes you have. Just about every imperfection that you see in your photo can be rectified. Saving you having to take another picture in-order to try and hide the grey hair or a horrible pimple.

It’s funny to see people trying to get the perfect selfie, twisting and turning to find the right light. That’s a think of the past now. You can use RetouchMe to adjust the right light and even choose a different background. RetouchMe is not like any other app, you can do everything straight from your iPhone or iPad, no need for a computer. The best thing is you won’t need to have a single experience in photo editing. The app has designer teams working 24/7, so once you upload your photo they will begin working on it and you will have the results within minutes.

It’s easy to use RetouchMe and with 3 easy steps, you can have the perfect photo.

  1. Simply upload your photo to the app
  2. Select the options you wish to add
  3. Sit back and wait for your newly edited photo, do by professionals

Within the app, the options are body, face, background and fun. In each of those tabs, there are further options to adjust your photo. You can remove red eyes, enlarge eyes, make a smile, reduce ears, make longer legs, thinner legs, flat stomach, just a few of the extensive number of things you can do.

Few things you can do:


  • Flat stomach
  • Bigger breasts
  • Better butt
  • Fewer hips
  • Remove fat folds
  • Remove cellulite
  • Thinner arms
  • Thinner legs
  • Longer legs
  • Add tan
  • Iron Clothes
  • Gain Muscles
  • Remove Tattoos

The app is free to download but to get any editing done to your photos you will need to have credits. You can buy credits with the in-app purchase. Credits start from $0.99 for 20 and go up to $48.99 for 3000. You can earn credits for free by watching a promo video in the app, liking the developers on Facebook or following them on Instagram.

You won’t need to do much to have the perfect photo that will make you look like a model. Try RetouchMe today.