MyAster – One Stop App for All Your Activity Schedules

Once your kids get out of school, your day as a parent has only just begun. They still have homework, sports and chores to contend with, and it’s your job to keep track of all those activities. Your smartphones can be quite helpful for juggling extracurricular activities as a parent or even as a student. Finding the right productivity app for you smartphone to help you increase performance can be tricky. So, we decided to help you and we have one great app for you.  Let’s discuss about it.

What is MyAster?

MyAster is a very efficient and practical productivity app which is developed for IOS users, easy to use, helping all users to easily set all their activities in one place, without much effort. By using this app, suitable for parents and students, users are able to manage extracurricular activity schedules, improve their performance, understand the coach or teach better and get on time communication from the teachers. With this app, the life and activities of the users will become easier to organize and manage. With helpful ideas and suggestions, users are offered to find all the help they need inside the app.

Why do we love this productivity app?

With the help of MyAster, all users will be able to easily create all activity schedules in one place. Users are offered to create activities by day and setup their reminders to get notifications whenever there is something to do. On this app, all users that created their schedules will get instant feedbacks from the teachers or coaches with real time communication. By using this app, each user will get the chance to understand his coach or teacher better, constantly communicating with him and taking helpful suggestions or ideas from them.

Also, users can create and view notes given by the coaches and teachers, easily improving their performance on each activity schedule. All inside the app, the user is allowed to create a centralized schedule with real time notifications that lets him know if anything changes with helpful feedbacks from the teachers and coaches.

Download the app for free now on App Store to easily manage and setup activity schedules!