Game Review – Word Travel

Word games can be very entertaining and in the same time stimulating for our brains. These word games will test your puzzle-solving skills, vocabulary knowledge, and sheer reflexes. For everyone that looks to have fun playing an exciting and fun word puzzle game while challenging his brain to think fast, there are games especially developed for your amusement. To help you, we looked and we found one incredible word puzzle game for all of you puzzlers out there. Let’s discuss about this game.

What is Word Travel?

Word Travel is a very easy and fun to play word game which is developed for IOS users offering them to have fun guessing words and test their skills of puzzling. With simple controls and exquisitely neat graphics, players are offered enjoyable gameplay with tons of word guessing challenges that will help them enhance and test their vocabulary. Players will need to hop on their airplane and earn the fuel for it by guessing the right words. Exciting adventure journey around the globe filled with word challenges and the chance for the player progress in the game and earn many achievements.

Why do we love this word guessing game?

This word guessing game is offering its users to have fun playing and trying to beat the time limit by answering and guessing the word challenges fast and correctly connect the letters in order to get the words that are a part of the dictionary. True time travel with exciting adventures with mix of geography and history, this game has to offer 10 different chapters for playing with 30 levels in each of the chapters. Each of the chapters and levels has their own unique ambience and difficulty and as the player progresses the game will become much more challenging.

Players can use hints to help them guess the words right and connect the letters correctly. Players can try to get the highest scores as possible by guessing as many word challenges as they can and try to dominate the word connect puzzle by getting on top of the global leader board.

Download the game for free now on App Store and have fun testing your vocabulary skills!