5 must have grammar iOS apps for a student

Are you someone who is trying really sincerely to conquer the English language? Are you someone who dreads at the thoughts of writing Essays, Assignments etc.? You are at the right place. By now you must know how predominant Grammar is if you want to rock your English.

It’s hard to figure out the basics of Grammar. You are supposed to remember them by using the right adjectives and prepositions at the right places. But for that to happen, you still got to play by the rules of grammar. I am definitely not trying to burden you here, my job’s to help you out. I understand the pressure you have, with the N numbers of assignments, projects and essays bothering you. It becomes a task to focus on just one subject in times like these.

You are lucky, because of the age you are in. Today you have smartphones that have Apps to teach you grammar on the go. These apps make English learning a very fun process. I am listing down the 5 best apps that have helped my young mentees in the past.

1.FluentU –  Website/ iOS/ Android (Coming soon)

It is a unique App in the list here. It has a very user-friendly and interactive interface. It takes real-life music videos, events, inspirational talk shows etc. and converts them into learning experiences for you. What makes this App different is, its natural approach to teach English language and the culture over a gradual period of time. In FluentU you can watch a variety of engaging and humorous videos while still learning English. You can tap on any word in the video to know more about it. It even suggests multiple sentences using the word for you to understand better.

You can either download this App from the iTunes store or just download it from their website on your tablet or computer.

2.Rosetta Stone – Website/ iOS/ Android

It is free on a demo account. It’s one of the most convenient and unique Apps to teach Languages. Usually, Apps teach you with the explanation in a language of your choice, preferably your native language. What makes Rosetta stone special is it teaches you with explanations in English. It has lessons designed to teach you the basic words before you move on the more complex sentences.

I suggest this App to students who are confident to learn English without depending on their native languages.

3.MindSnacks –  iOS

This is a paid ($4.99), but absolutely worth it. This is known for its very non-complex user interface. A lot of you must be using the SAT Vocabulary Apps for expanding for English Vocabulary. If you are someone aiming for high SAT scores you should definitely be having the SAT vocabulary lists by heart. But again, that is kinda boring and old school. Here comes MindSnacks into the picture, it makes fun games to learn new words with. It has 9 mini games which are each designed in a certain way to help improve your English vocabulary.

I would certainly recommend English learners wanting to have an impressive vocabulary of SAT words to use this App.

4.Memrise – Website/ iOS/ Android

This App is absolutely free. This is very similar to the MindSnacks App mentioned above. But it uses a different approach to teach you English, it teaches with Words and not Games. It uses a lot of creative and funny ways to help you remember what a word means. This technique helps your brain memorize the word even more efficiently. Memrise is designed by other users like you. You can have an idea how they learned the same word you are learning right now. Fun and one of a kind, isn’t it? It also allows you to keep a track of the words you learned.

A very effective and fun way to improve your English vocabulary. I suggest both beginners and advanced learners, use this App.

5.Open Language –  Website/ iOS/ Android

This App will cost you $30 a month. It has a variety of different sections for English learning. If you are someone who has been trying to learn English for a while, you know CEFR. It stands for Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and tells you how good you are in any particular language. There are 2 levels, Beginner and Native. You can access different courses for different uses. Be it for presentations, interviews or for daily life usage. You must understand by now, this is a very organized App. For each course that you want to take up, there will be multiple lessons to help you develop a vocabulary for that particular lesson.

By now you understand learning English is not as hard as it seemed earlier. All these Apps were made with the intention to help people learn English of different levels. Each App has its own strength and weaknesses; you can experiment them all according to your convenience.

All the very best on your English Learning. Let me know if you find any other cool App for English learning.