K’BRO Is an Innovative Concept Mixing Gaming & Emotional Resilience

We humans are known to be highly capable and creative when it comes to problem solving, and these traits are what helped us became the smartest species, flexible and capable for amazing changes in high stress situations. In the psychology dictionary this is called “emotional resilience”, one of the key factors as to why some humans seem to sail through stormy oceans without a care in the world. Emotional resilience is, to some degree, something one is born with. Some people are less upset by changes and difficult situations, by nature. Emotional resilience is also highly related to factors such as age, gender and exposure to traumas. However, emotional resilience is also a skill that can be learned, developed and grown with some effort and daily practices. We can become more emotionally resilient even if we are by nature more sensitive to the difficulties life throws our way.

An app for growing adolescents’ emotional resilience

Different features for different aspects of emotional resilience

K’BRO takes the gaming approach, teaching kids and teenagers emotional resilience through simple game-play. It comes with several game features – Am I OK?, Deal With It, Speak Up and What’s Up? – designed and developed to cater to different aspects of enhancing one’s emotional resilience. The Am I OK feature helps tweens & teens identify their emotions and how they are really feeling. This helps the app to pinpoint which aspect of their life may be causing emotional difficulties.

The “Deal With It” feature is a place where they can seek out advice on how to maneuver through various life situations or ask the anonymous online community My Tribe questions they need answered but are uncomfortable asking those closest to them. This online community is a place one can feel safe to share their feelings and experiences as well as giving other some needed support. Speak Up is the place where they can practice how to advocate their feelings and thought to the world. Kids can get some feedback on what is the best way to say something from the tribe in the form of rating their comments “helpful” or “hurtful” to help them find the best way to express themselves. And last, What’s Up is the feature that allows them to share the best stuff from their lives in their journal or post on “My Tribe”, and each day they’ll be reminded of all the stuff that’s going great in their lives to give them with an emotional boost helping them with feeling a little better when things are not going so great.

K’BRO is an app that can be an amazing tool in helping adolescents process “micro-traumas” before they turn into something more serious. To become more prepared for life and all its difficulties coming their way. If you are interested in giving K’BRO a try you can find it for free at the App Store.