IAmProductive – Improve Productivity Time Tracking

No one can dispute the countless benefits technology has brought us. It’s undoubtedly allowed us to connect, perform, improve and leverage our resources beyond what was once imaginable. However, despite the wide variety of different tools and devices to make life easier and more comfortable – how many tools and apps are you currently using to optimize your time? If you’re not taking advantage of one of the hundreds of time management apps and tools out there, you’re definitely missing a trick. But with so many apps to choose from, how do you know which ones to use? Well, this will depend on your needs, but we’ve stumbled upon one app that met all of our requirements of a great time management tool!

What is IAmProductive?

IAmProductive is a time management app developed for iOS devices to help users enhance their productivity, focus and manage their time. It is a time management, tracking and productivity tool that will help you better assess your productive and unproductive tasks and the time you spend to complete them. This way you can you can see where most of your time is put to good or bad use. With these kinds of features IAmProductive aims to help its users get rid of as much of the unproductive time wasting tasks and to focus their attention to the tasks which matter the most!

IAmProductive features

This app comes with simple yet highly efficient features that help with enhancing productivity. All you need to do is tap on the activity you are currently doing and let the app measure how much time you spent on it. After you complete the task you simply tap again to stop the timer. This way the app collects information about how and on what you are spending your time. The tasks are sorted into three categories – productive, unproductive and miscellaneous. You can add your own custom tasks and change the name of any pre-existing task as well. One of the best features of the app is that it will show you stats for all the days you’ve been using it, which means you can analyze on which days you were most productive or unproductive, and with what kinds of activities you tend to procrastinate so you can work on these issues. The stats also come in daily, weekly and monthly formats.

You can find and download the IAmProductive app for free at the App Store, right now!