Super Bomber Boy by AT GAMES STUDIO is Set To Launch for iOS Next Month

The critically acclaimed Indie game developing studio, AT GAMES STUDIO, is set to launch a new improved version of the classic bomber gameplay in Super Bomber Boy, a game that they currently offer only on Android.

Classic gameplay with amazing features

Super Bomber Boy is an arcade action game with game-play and game mechanics inspired by the famous Bomberman NES classic. Super Bomber Boy is a more sophisticated take on the old classic, with better 3D and HD graphics, amazing music and the similar addicting game-play.

The amazingly exciting premise of the bomber game will keep you glued to the screen of your phone while you try to destroy all the enemies and bomb your way onto the next maze.

Amazing game mechanics, power-ups and fun characters

Super Bomber Boy comes with four different characters you can play with three of which –  Laura, Max and Flash can be unlocked with coins collected during game-play. The rules of the game are simple – beat the level by destroying your enemies and finding the hidden key using your arsenal of bombs.

Many power-ups are available to help the player reach this goal including time power-ups, super bombs, protection, speed up, blast resistance and more. Clearing the map before the time elapses is what will propel you onto the higher levels.

This Super Bomber Boy arcade action features campaign mode with over 48 levels and 4 different worlds with amazing design.

So if you are a fan of the bomber gameplay & action genre be sure that you’ll Super Bomber Boy. Next month we’ll announce its release with a more of an in-depth review. Be sure to keep it in your favourite lists till then!

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