8 Ways to Get the Most Out Of iPhone X

The iPhone X is a wonderful piece of technology. It comes with a long list of features and capabilities. Unfortunately, many users can’t fully utilize its full capabilities. Here are things you should do to get the full benefits of the device:

1. Use all the new gestures: The iPhone X has no home button, which may make things a bit less intuitive for those who don’t habitually use gestures. At the bottom of the display, you can see a thin line and it is a cue that you may go back to the main screen by swiping it up. The line is always shown whether the display is in landscape or portrait mode, although it may fade, depending on what app you use. A quick way to switch between different apps is to swipe a curve from the bottom corner of the display. Alternatively, you may slide along the gesture bar left and right to switch between apps.

2. Force close apps that you no longer use: Although the iPhone X comes with impressive battery life, it will become less efficient if too many apps open at once. If things become a bit messy, you can force close apps that you no longer use at the moment. Go to the App Switcher and long press on an app that’s still open. A small red close icon will appear. Tap it to completely close the app.

3. Use the right button to activate Siri: On earlier models, you need to double tap the home button to wake Siri up. You can shout to your phone to activate the AI assistant, but this may not be convenient when you do it in public. But with the removal of the home button on the iPhone X, you need to long press the button located on the right side of the device. Siri will be activated to answer any of your questions.

4. Double click to confirm online payment: Assuming that you already register a debit or credit card in the Wallet app, you can double-click the side button to confirm payment. It is a convenient way during a transaction. Apple Pay will authenticate the payment using password or facial recognition. Once you are successfully authenticated, tap the iPhone X on the contactless reader to perform the payment process.

5. Use Control Panel: On previous models, you can pull out Control Panel to access various widgets and shortcuts, simply by swiping upwards. But with the iPhone X, you must drag the Control Center from the top right corner of the display. In the Control Panel, you can find auto rotation toggle, screen mirroring, screen brightness, speaker volume, mobile data, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It also shows the percentage of battery juice you have got left. To add more shortcuts, go to Settings> Control Center> Customize Controls. Tap the green plus symbol on any preferred functions you want to add.

6. Snap a screenshot: The removal of the home button also affects the way you snap a screenshot. With the iPhone X, you can snag a screenshot by pressing both the volume up and right side buttons. A thumbnail will be shown briefly at the bottom of the display and the screenshot will be added in the camera roll. You can tap the thumbnail before it disappears to perform an editing process. Snapping a screenshot is useful when you want to quickly record information shown by web browser or an app.

7. Switch the phone occasionally: Powering down the phone is useful in some situations. As an example, you may want to take a long sleep on the airplane or you want to stop any kind of digital distractions during a very important meeting. Quickly switching off your phone can be tricky, especially because there’s no power button for the iPhone X. You need to press and hold both the volume key (up or down, not both) and the right side button. A notification will be shown on the display. Follow the instruction to shut the iPhone X down. You can turn the iPhone X up again by holding down the right side button.

8. By default, the notifications are hidden and once it’s verified that you are the one who use the phone (using the facial recognition technology), you will be able to see it. When you swipe up the lock screen, older notifications will disappear. However, it is possible to check old notifications with the Cover Sheet. You can do this by swiping down from the top left of the screen. You can scroll through earlier notifications, clear older ones or wipe them off entirely. When tapping on the notification, you will be brought to the appropriate section of the app. This is obviously faster than tapping on any icon with notification badge.