iTrackLacrosse – Review & Analyse Lacrosse Information & Performances

The sporting world is extremely large and diverse. There are lots of international championships in various sports and it may seem to be difficult to stay informed of all sports events. However, there is an easier way to do that. Instead of browsing multiple sites, fans all over the world are using sports apps. If you are a lacrosse fan and you want to track and learn the game and your team’s performance, we found an app that can help you easily do that. Let’s discuss this amazing sports app.

What is iTrackLacrosse?

iTrackLacrosse is one amazing sports app which is developed for IOS users, designed in collaboration with lacrosse players and coaches for the purpose of improving everyone’s ability to keep track and learn from a variety of events during a game. Easy to use and very efficient, this app allows users to use helpful features in order to include the ability to track and learn from players’ performance as well as to review and analyze historical information against opponents.

Why do we love this sports app?

This lacrosse sports app allows users to collect all of the required information simply by recording easy screen ‘taps’ on their iPad during a lacrosse game. With simplifying the data collection process and delivering visual and statistical results, this lacrosse app can enhance anyone’s ability to easily access historical game and player information. On the app, users will be able to track player, location, and quantity of shots on-net and missed shots. Users can also track goals, assist points, view a replay of shot history by both their team and their opponents.

The app is allowing users to also view team and individual player stats on shots, missed shots, goals, assists, and face-offs or they can review previous games against opponents before their next game. The data can be uploaded and automatically users can receive a game report. New users can record 3 games for free and with in-app purchases, users can record additional games.

Download the app now for free from the App Store to enhance your ability to analyze lacrosse info!