Role of Software Development Companies to Accelerate Business

Software Development has become a vital part of all organizations. With increasing competition, it is not a hidden fact that many companies are outsourcing their work to innovative and creative agencies and vendors. To be at par with the growing IT landscape, it is important to engage the services of the best software development companies to increase your business scalability.

A software development company enables your business by designing a framework that allows you to structure plan and execute business decisions seamlessly. There are different methodologies involved in software development. Let us take a quick tour of the software development practices that help in developing better information systems.

Agile Software Development

It is a method of undertaking software engineering projects making use of different agile software such as Dynamic Systems Development Model, Crystal methods, and Scrum. They include all the required tasks, similar to short software projects of its own like planning, increase in new functionalities, requirement analysis, coding, design, testing, as well as documentation.

It helps the project to be released, in short duration, after completion of every iteration. This enables the team to evaluate the project priorities better.  The agile method emphasizes concurrent communication over written documents to analyze that help to reduce the stress during the progress of the project.

Crystal Methods

Developed by Alistair Cockburn, Crystal methods focus on people, talent and skill set, interaction and community. His method believes that every team has a particular skill set that is essential to developing great software and must be utilized accordingly.

His methodology believes that process is important but not over and above people and talent.

Dynamic Systems Development Model

It is the evolution of the Rapid Application Development methodology that boasts of the best-featured documentation and training, better than any agile software methodology yet. The methodology can be seeing harping on core principles that talk of-

  • User involvement
  • Frequent delivery of products
  • Authorized teams to take collective decisions
  • Accurate business solutions and deliverables
  • Changeable development
  • Integrated testing
  • Complete lifecycle management
  • Collaboration between all the stakeholders involved

Extreme Programming Practice

The core goal of XP or Extreme Programming is to ensure cost efficacy during software development. Any changes that are to be incorporated must be made in conjunction with the core principles. They try hard to create efficient systems in unstable development environments.

XP focuses on

  • Shared feedback and code reviews
  • Continuous process improvement that enables high testing environments
  • Common understand of development objectives
  • Developer welfare to ensure increased performance and productivity

It helps the software development lifecycle to work at a consistent pace, which can be achieved irrespective of small or large teams.

Feature Driven Development

Co-founded by Peter Coad and Jeff DeLuca, FDD or Feature Driven Development focuses on scalability through just enough processes that do not hamper innovation. This model outlines the time spent or needed to spend on development processes like developing a model, building a feature list, planning the feature, design and build by feature.

It is imperative to have team members focus on results by moving certain processes to the background. Building efficient systems for large-scale projects require a well-defined process that is the hallmark of best software development companies in the industry.

Lean Methodology

Lean Development concentrates on the design of change enabled the software. This practice exemplifies the concept of dynamic permanence, which is verisimilitude to how Scrum holds measured system chaos. A concept created by Bob Charette, emphasizes that the measurable goal of lean development is to ensure that one-third the human effort is taken to build efficient software. This includes achieving the end result with one-third the combined effort of man-hours and investment, in relation to what SEI-CMM Level 3 firm would take.

It is driven by core principles that instate-

  • Value for money
  • Customer priority above anything else
  • Team effort
  • Client participation in all aspects of the project
  • Provide changeable solutions
  • Domain led solutions
  • Minimal coding solutions
  • High product growth that is featured enabled and not size driven
  • Adhere to lean practice and not push it beyond its boundaries
  • The maximum solution delivered today than wait until tomorrow

Joint Application Development

It is a system that involves active and equal participation from all stakeholders in aspects of software development from the requirement to user-interface design practice. A joint application development approach enables customers and developers to come tête-à-tête through workshops and off-sites that talk about business solutions as a whole rather than only the technical details. A constant involvement with the client helps to eliminate problems when they stem rather than waiting until the end to deliver the product. This will save the cost of investment and make the process much easier to complete.

Rational Unified Processes

This approach, which can be seen quite often being adopted by software companies, emphasizes on inheriting the best from all practices at every stage and combining it to make efficient system software.

The system highlights iterations that are essential in every project delivered. You have the freedom to adopt any approach you deem fit for your software development project and present the final finished outcome. Releasing the project early on enables to beat your competitors and enable changes as and when required.

Testers, technical writers, developers, etc. begin work early on, to make the project successful at the end.

The other methodologies include waterfall technology, SDLC, RAD, Spiral methodology, and Scrum methodology.


Creating highly efficient systems is the core feature of the best software development companies. They make use of different methodologies to handle and execute different aspects of the software. This is enabled with efficient systems, processes, integrated communication channels, revisions and iterations without difficulty. That includes rfi management software app which tracks and manage your projects.

There are various reasons why you should employ a highly skilled software development company but collaboration is one of the foremost on the list. If you analyze the process and end-product deliverance, there is a lot to be achieved with talented and skilled software development projects.