5 Reasons Travellers Should Choose iPhone X

When Apple released the iPhone X, it impressed us with the OLED display, 256GB internal storage and wireless headphones. For travellers, iPhone X can really make their trip easier. It could become an excellent travel companion for any traveller. Despite the $999 price tag, iPhone X is still very reasonable. With the 12Mp camera on the back, optical image stabilization and 10x zoom capability, it’s possible to obtain images with near professional quality, like those captured by DSLR cameras. The iPhone X can capture pictures with amazing colour and depth. The device could surprise even experienced photographers. Here are other reasons that iPhone X is an excellent travel companion:

1. Face ID: Apple proves that facial recognition technology is mature enough for mainstream mobile usages. The technology integrates well with various banking apps to verify user identity. It’s a biometric method that’s very difficult for hackers to break. With 3D rendering, the facial recognition technology is able to verify your face and it will be difficult for hackers to trick the system.

2. Long battery life: iPhone X can go quite long between charges, which is a good thing for many travellers. Compared to the iPhone 7, the X can last two hours longer. Because the iPhone X is your personal travel assistance and digital wallet, extended battery life is essential. It allows for 12 hours of Internet use, 21 hours of talk time, 60 hours of audio playback and 13 hours video playback. If you decide to take a quick nap in the hotel room, the iPhone X can regain 50 percent charge in just 30 minutes. If there’s no wall socket, the iPhone X can be recharged by a laptop through standard USB cable.

3. Unlocked: The iPhone X is unlocked and supports many different frequencies. It can connect with almost any cellular network provider.

4. Impressive display: The high-resolution OLED display is bright enough to allow us to use the phone easily under the sunlight. This is useful when using a web browser or the Maps app.

5. Excellent durability: Newer iPhone models are getting more durable than ever and the iPhone X is definitely tougher compared to its predecessors. The steel case is much harder to crack. Although the iPhone X is not completely waterproofed, it has good water-resistant feature. It will definitely survive an accidental exposure to a light drizzle. This fact should give any traveller peace of mind.