App Review – Chord Progression Generator

As technology continues to grow, music making becomes a lot broader in terms of how we can actually make it. As opposed to needing a four-track recorder, microphone and a few instruments back in the day, now we can simply download some software onto our computers, phones or tablets and get going immediately with merely our fingertips. We’re huge fans of creation, and the more popular applications become for production the more we want to know which are the best. Today we are going to see what the Chord Progression Generator app offers to all music enthusiasts.

What is Chord Progression Generator?

Chord Progression Generator – as its name states, is a chord progression generator app for all kinds of musicians and music producers. This simple yet powerful chord progression generator app is developed for iOS devices and is here to help anyone find and play the right chords and melodies for any kind of musical genre. If you are feeling stuck, this app can help you out with finding the perfect chords you can incorporate into your projects.

The Chord Progression Generator amazing features

The Chord Progression Generator app is especially useful if you are dabbling in the electronic genres. Creating the chords is utterly easy, then you can export them as a midi file and import them into your favorite digital audio workstation, so you can incorporate them into your new songs! The app works amazing for all electronic genres like EDM, Trap, Future House, etc. This app comes with features like adjusting the bpm and choosing the instrument, bassline creation, choosing the scale of chord progressions and exporting the chords and melodies as midi files which includes file with only chords, one with the bassline only and one with both!

If you dabble in music creation or you do it professionally, this app can make the creation process a lot easier. Available at your fingertips whenever inspiration strikes. You can download The Chord Progression Generator app for free at the iTunes App Store!