ShopSnapIt – Online Shopping

When people are looking to buy or sell products they generally think about eBay. However, there are apps out there that certainly gives eBay a run for their money and much easier and friendly to use. One such app is ShopSnapIt, the name says it all, you shop and then snap a great bargain. You can buy anything from clothes and even look for local services. There are sellers local to you and even international sellers that are looking to give you a bargain on their product.

If you run a business then ShopSnapIt is perfect for you to expand and gain new buyers. It’s a great place to help your small company succeed and allow you to reach out to millions of customers. If you are a buyer and looking for some bargain the app is the best place to start.

ShopSnapIt is easy to use. Once you download the app you choose whether you are a seller or a buyer. Tap continue and then create an account, enter all the relevant details and tap sign up. You will then receive a verification code via email or mobile whichever you chose. Once you are fully signed in you will then be able to follow other users.

• Take product pics and list them here in a snap!
• List your products and services here instead of using classified ads.
• Promote your products or services.
• Reach local and international buyers easily.
• See your products become popular.
• Give discounts & deals to attract buyers.
• Message service to talk privately to your buyers.

• A go-to place for shopping for fashion, clothes.
• Find the best deals and discounts for your favourite item.
• Browse the most popular products
• Bid for your dream clothes or other products
• Get alerts when people place bids, buy, sell, or list new items.
• Order from nearby and local sellers or other sellers from faraway places.

ShopSnapIt is free to download. You can find some great bargains on fashion and local services. The app is also available on Google Play Store. Download the app and see what you could sell to make some extra money or gain some new customers.