Get Introduced to AR Technology with the New Jump-AR App

Does new technology make you a little intimidated? That’s totally understandable – but here’s one way you can get a little more comfortable with one of technology’s latest advancements. Augmented reality (AR) is sweeping the tech world because of its ability to create a unique user experience. To help you understand more, you should definitely download the fun, new app, Jump-AR. This easy-to-use game allows you to experience AR technology without being overwhelmed or getting confused.

iPhoneGlance - Jump-AR

Jump-AR, available for iOS only, is a free download that can help get you more comfortable with AR. The interactive game helps you use AR to interact with KiKi & Friends to retrieve stolen bananas. You just tap the screen to jump as high as you can, and you’ll be able to see how the blocks stack up. The app even lets you see how high you’ve stacked your blocks compared to real-world objects in your environment. You’ll watch KiKi & Friends reach the top of the stack, and you can earn bananas (or points) by sharing things on Facebook or by watching ads. These extra bananas help you buy even more skins to further the game. Plus, you’ll never get bored playing Jump-AR, because there are multiple realms, characters, and competitions to help keep your attention.

You’ll start to feel more and more at ease with this new AR technology once you’ve mastered the game. This cutting-edge app lets you use your learning environment with physical demonstrations to get you comfortable with playing around with AR tech. Additionally, you’ll be so hooked on the competitive nature of trying to get the highest score, that you’ll soon forget you’re even playing an AR game. Jump-AR even allows you to connect and play with friends for an even more fun and competitive experience.

iPhoneGlance - Jump-AR

There are some minor downsides to playing the Jump-AR app. For example, you always need to play in a well-lit area with textured surfaces (since AR can’t recognize plain or shiny surfaces). This can limit some of where you can actually play the Jump-AR game. The other disadvantage is that it can feel like you’re playing a kid’s game sometimes because of the cartoon characters. However, the bright colored graphics and animation will still be enough to get you hooked into playing!

Whether you want to get more exposure to AR technology, or you just want to help escape boredom with a fun game, Jump-AR is there for you! Just head to the App Store and download it today!