ShutterGrip, Get A Better Hand on your Smartphone

I own an iPhone 8 Plus and if you are familiar with it then you know that they can be hard to hold in one hand, especially if you’re trying to take a selfie with one hand. It does get a little fiddly and the end result can be you dropping your phone. It’s even more hard to hold it with one hand if you have a case on your phone. Hence the reason why I’m happy to introduce you to ShutterGrip. It’s a Bluetooth shutter remote control that attaches to your phone and has an ergonomic design that allows you to get a better grip.

ShutterGrip was born from a Kickstarter project and it’s the accessory you didn’t know that you need until you use it. The ShutterGrip has a detachable remote that allows you to set your phone up a take a picture when you a ready. You can extend the ShutterGrip to 85mm, so it should be able to fit most phones.

ShutterGrip is easy to set up on your phone. You firstly need to install the battery included. Press and hold the shutter button until the green LED starts flashing. Open Bluetooth settings and select ShutterGrip from the list. Once the green LED goes off then pairing is complete. Open the photos app and start taking pictures.

ShutterGrip cost $39.95 and comes in 3 choices of colours, black, blue or gold.