M6 Revolver Lens Kit Adds Camera Lenses to Your iPhone

We all have a little photographer side to us, from selfies to catching the sunset on the beach we do like taking the opportunity to snap the best photo. However, the majority of us uses our iPhone to take pictures nowadays. We have our iPhone with us all the time so it’s much more convenient than walking around with a Nikon (that’s a camera for you young folks). If you’re going to use your iPhone to take photos then it’s worth having lenses that can work with what you want to shoot. Hence the reason why I want to introduce you to the M6 Revolver Lens Kit, it’s a great way to add optional camera lenses to your iPhone.

M6 is a 6 in 1 lens case and not only does it have the option of different lenses, it also protects your iPhone as well. You can do much more with the different lenses.

Wide Angle/Telephoto – The wide-angle lens lets you get approximately double the field of view. The Telephoto lens gets you twice as close to your subject.

Macro/Super Macro – Use the Macro lens to get extreme close-up detail. It is fully compatible with the dual camera system on the iPhone X.

Fisheye/Telephoto – The Fisheye and Telephoto lenses allow you to greatly extend your optical zoom range to capture a variety of shots.

The M6 Revolver case is easy to install:

  1. Snap your iPhone into the case.
  2. Attach the Revolver lens to the back of the case
  3. Simply rotate the revolver lens to choose the desired lens.
  4. Flip out and align the lens with the case camera area.

The Revolver Lens is available for iPhone 7/8, iPhone 7 plus/ 8 plus and iPhone X. You can also get one for Samsung Galaxy S9, Samsung Galaxy S9 plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Huawei Mate 10 Pro. There also different styles and art. The price ranges from $39.99 to $54.95.