PharmacyPal – Change the Way You Order Medicine

PharmacyPal is an online prescription medicine service designed and developed to meet the needs of its users. This is an app that makes it tremendously easy for its users to find, order and get their prescribed medication deliver to their doors. This means the app users can order their medication ahead of time and they can be sure to always have their medication on-time and if they need so – delivered right at their homes.

Easy to set up and use!

Once the user set up their profile within the app they must upload a scan, or a photo of their prescription and the app will find pharmacies that best meets their unique needs. Whether that’s the pharmacy that’s closest to their home or work place, pharmacy that offers delivery services or has extended business hours to suit the users’ schedule, PharmacyPal will find the most suitable ones and offer them as an option. Everything within the app is location-based and the user will be provided with the address, phone number and important details about each of the offered pharmacy choices.

The most convenient way to get your prescription medication!

The PharmacyPal app offers users the option to check the prices for their medications at multiple pharmacies, they can also specify if they want only one or multiple items from their prescription and they can choose if they want to have their medication delivered or they’ll pick them up themselves. Users can order their medications at any pharmacies registered with the PharmacyPal app. The payments can be done with credit cards and the transactions are facilitated by SqID, an Australian payment gateway company.

You can find and download the PharmacyPal app at the App Store for iOS devices.