App Review – PokeRAIDchat

Nowadays we use our smartphones and the apps on them for many different purposes and they certainly are making our lives a lot easier and more organized. When it comes to keeping track and getting constantly informed about Raid events organizing in the moment, you can easily stay notified with the right app on your phone. To help you with your search, we looked and we found one amazing app that can help you stay informed and connect with fellow players. Let’s discuss about the app.

What is PokeRAIDchat?

PokeRaidchat is one very efficient and useful app that is developed for IOS users, easy to use, offering all the users to easily and effortlessly keep track of Raid events organized.  With the help of this app, users will be able to create the profile while staying anonymous by choosing their username, find their team and connect with fellow players quickly. The app will keep the user notified of all Raid events organized, offering him to get all the information needed directly on their phone, whenever they want.

Why do we love this app?

This app is offering the users a lot of helpful and practical features that will offer them to stay informed about the Raid events happening and organizing in the moment. On this app, users will be able to send and receive photos, videos, documents and voice messages, sharing them with other users by their choice.  Users will easily connect with fellow players in the event and they will be able to share their location and exchange contacts with other users. The app also offers users to customize their wallpapers and set their notification sounds by preference. With this app, users will be able to track their email chat history and even broadcast messages to multiple contacts in the same time.

Also, on the app are available the features for slash screen and login screen that allow the user to directly login or to pass login to events screen if the login is saved or even use a temporary ID login. Users can choose their team and set their area of interest, creating and deleting events as they want. With the events screen users can see all the events in their area of interest or use the Single events screen to get information about people who liked the event and paid for it. The app allows users to clear chat, push notifications, and even get notifications when someone created an event, happening in the moment that they would love.

Download the app on App Store now for free to easily track when Raid events are organized!