Adding Music to Videos with Movavi Video Editor

iPhoneGlance - Movavi
iPhoneGlance - Movavi

Whether you’re compiling a home video, creating a video guide, or producing any other kind of content – adding music can really transform your video. Not only can music influence the tone and the mood of the video, but it can provide it with pacing based on its tempo.

If you would like an easy way to add music to your videos, you should definitely try to use Movavi Video Editor. Due to its intuitive approach it will make it easy for you to edit your videos – and adding music to them is no exception.

iPhoneGlance - Movavi iPhoneGlance – Movavi

How to Add Music to a Video

In order to add music to video using Movavi Video Editor, you should first pick out the music track that you want to use. Assuming you already have one in mind you can go ahead and launch Movavi Video Editor to get started.

The first thing you should do is add both the music and video that you want to use to Movavi Video Editor by clicking on the ‘Add Media Files’ button and selecting them. Once added both should appear in the ‘Timeline’ in the ‘Video Track’ and ‘Audio Track’ respectively.

At this point you should compare the length of both the video and audio, and see if they match. If they do not you will end up with part of your video that has no music, or a blank screen with music playing. Fortunately Movavi Video Editor can fix both those cases without much trouble.

If the video is longer than the audio, you can either add another music track or add the same music track again to repeat it. On the other hand if the audio is longer than the video you can use Movavi Video Editor to trim the excess parts.

In order to trim out any unwanted parts of audio using Movavi Video Editor just position the marker on the ‘Timeline’ at the end of the video and click on the ‘Split’ icon. Next click on the segment of audio to select it, and hit the ‘Delete’ key on your keyboard.

Once your audio and video lengths are the same, you can save your video by clicking on the ‘Export’ button. Before that however, try using the other features in Movavi Video Editor if you’d like to enhance the quality of your video, apply filters or special effects, add captions, insert animated transitions, transform the frame and orientation, or merge additional clips to it.

As you can see Movavi Video Editor will not only make it easy to add music to a video, but it will also ensure that you’re able to fit the music that you add so that it matches your video. Aside from that its other features will give you the means to improve your video in a variety of different ways, and by the time you’re done you should be able to ensure that your videos really do turn out to be impressive and professional-looking.