Supafanz – All Celebrity News on One Feed

Everyone loves a bit of celebrity-watching, and the celebrities give us plenty excuses to do so. One great way to keep on top of all the gossip is through an app, and there are plenty of them out there catering to our curiosity about the entertainment industry. However, finding an app that can help you stay updated with the latest celebrity news and gossip in one place is hard. To help you, we looked and we found one amazing entertainment app for this purpose. Let’s discuss the app.

What is Supafanz?

Supafanz is one amazing entertainment app which is developed for IOS users, offering them to never miss a post from their favorite stars. With this easy to use the app, users will be able to get updated on the latest celebrity news and gossip, all in one place, straight from the celebrities themselves. On the app users are offered to follow their favorite celebrities on one hassle-free social feed and say goodbye to flicking between apps and missing out on the latest celebrity gossip. Users will certainly get the juiciest celebrity updates straight to their phone, on the incredible app’s newsfeed.

Why do we love this entertainment app?

This entertainment app is offering its users to choose from thousands of artists, bands, actors and sports celebrities from all over the world and get fresh and relevant celebrity news and gossip about them. Users will get to see posts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Plus and YouTube on one social Supafeed easily. Also, users will hear the latest celebrity news and celebrity updates first-hand, directly from the celebrities itself while they can go back in time to find out what their favorite celebrities were up to. The app can be used by users to get links to buy concert tickets from the artists’ profiles and they are also allowed to follow as many celebrities as they want.

On this app users are able to pick their favorite celebrity so they can compete with other users to become the number one fan of their favorite celebrity.  On the app users are allowed to ‘’love’’ the posts they like and save posts so they can read them later as well.  The app is constantly giving the user new trending celebrities he can choose to follow and get interesting news about them on first hand. Users can earn Supafanz points by liking and sharing posts and by spinning the Supafanz wheel they can earn more points too and these points will get them high on the global leaderboard of celebrity super fans.

Download the app now on App Store for free to get updated on the latest celebrity news and gossip!