FitWithDario is an Innovative Fitness App With Personal Workout Programs, Virtual Gyms, Diet Plans, Group Workouts & Fitness Classes

Are you in for a 12-week transformation program with certified personal trainers and professional support throughout your whole journey? Well, the all in one fitness app – FitWithDario  is surely the right thing for you. Read more why!

365 workouts for 365 days

FitWithDario is a health and fitness app which offers its users a free 12-week body transformation program, developed and designed to help them with getting their bodies in the best shape. The FitWithDario app contains a 12-week program to take the users from their current shape to a point at which they will be able to complete a 50-minute-long high intensity workout without dying of exhaustion along the way. 

This app’s 12-week body transformation program contains more than 300 different bodyweight workouts (or 365 workouts for 365 days as they call it). The professional certified trainers Dario, Gaia, Aurora, and Christina help the users of the app at every step of their 12-week body transformation journey.

Lots of tips and diet plans!

As for the nutrition and diet part of the app, the plan offers huge number of free recipes. You can find Vegan, Paleo, Low-Carb, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian and many other meal recipes you can enjoy. The nutritional plan has recipes to accommodate almost any kind of diet. Healthy eating does not mean awful tasting food, and with the help of this app you’ll learn to prepare delicious meals and stay healthy and slim down at the same time. FitWithDario is an app that will provide you with the opportunity to transform your body in the comfort of your home or anywhere you find it most convenient.

You don’t have to pay for expensive gym memberships anymore, currently availble for Android, FitWithDario app is soon to be released on the App Store.