Mini Golf King is an unrivalled putt putt Adventure

Mini Golf King launched its latest update, featuring a competitive Tour Challenge, on iOS and Android this week, pairing good old-fashioned putting with the action-packed online competition. The game features dozens of unique courses, plenty of collectables, and you’ll have the chance to play against both your friends and some of the world’s best players.

Mini Golf King comes loaded with over 30 different golf courses, each designed with their own unique theme and competitive challenges. Guide your ball over pyramids, through deadly mazes filled with traps, and across drawbridges. You’ll need to practice if you want to find the most efficient path and avoid tricky obstacles. While there’s danger aplenty, the courses also feature jump pads and other helpful boosters to guide you on your way.

You can putt along at your leisure, or join in on Mini Golf King’s robust online multiplayer. You’ll challenge players from all over the world, from novices to experienced pros. As you win matches, you’ll earn trophies which you can use to unlock more difficult stages in the game. Collect treasure chests to earn new clubs, balls, and gloves, all of which can be upgraded to help you make the leap from meagre prince to Mini Golf King. With weekly league tournaments and other events, the fun will never end.

You can try your hand at Mini Golf King today, whether you’re a novice or putt putt master. You can find it in the App Store and Google Play.