The De’Longhi Dinamica Coffee Machine, A Definite for Coffee Lovers – Review

If you love your pick me up coffee in the morning then it’s essential that you choose the right coffee machine. This is a big decision because there are a number of things you have to factor in. The taste, the smell, the quality, the quantity you get from a hand full of beans and if you will save money using a machine at home. Brewing the perfect cup of coffee is like being in a science lab, however, it doesn’t mean you need a degree to do it. Time, effort, patience and care need to be taken to complete the right cup. There are thousands of coffee machines available on the market and I have tried a few. However, my latest purchase and one that stands out is the De’Longhi Dinamica ECAM350.75.S Bean to cup coffee machine I picked up from

The De’Longhi creates the perfect brew and is all about grinding the coffee beans to make a better taste. There are so many features, some I don’t think I will ever use, but at least it’s there. Making a Latte is easier with the De’Longhi than with my previous machine. The smell of the coffee in the morning gets me going and it seems as though the machine just makes it a little more aromatic. The machine is easy to clean, in fact, it’s got an auto-clean function which purges any remaining residue from the machine to maintain that you get a perfect brew all the time. There is a 1.8-litre capacity removable water tank that’s easy to fill up. There are 6 pre-programmed coffees that I can make in seconds. The coffee memory allows me to save my favourite coffee so when I come downstairs in the morning it’s much quicker to get it done. The milk frother feature makes a creamy froth for my Latte.

The De’Longhi makes 6 different types of coffees, it also warms up your milk and the LCD display shows you just what’s going on. Whenever I forget to switch the machine off there is an auto shut off feature that does that for me.

The De’Longhi Dinamica is a premium brand and at £699 it’s undoubtedly a very hefty price. However, making coffee at home can save you an average of £1000 per year compared to buying coffee from Starbucks or Costa. One of the best places to purchase a De’Longhi is from Delivery was great and customer service is spectacular.