5 Tips for Getting the Best Wi-Fi With Better Router Placement

From your iPhone to your laptop, you need an excellent Wi-Fi connection in your home at all times. However, plenty of people make mistakes that limit their wireless capabilities. Arguably one of the most common mistakes is to place the router in a drawer where the signal becomes hampered. If you have Wi-Fi problems in your home on a regular basis, then try implementing the following tips to see if anything improves. In the event there is no improvement, you may want to have a professional inspect your router.

1. Do Not Put the Router Next to Other Metal Objects

A surefire way to degrade a Wi-Fi signal is to place your router next to other metal objects. Metal is extremely good at dissipating electromagnetic energy. In plain terms, the signal may not reach your bedroom because the metal disperses the waves before it reaches that area. Naturally, this means you should avoid putting the router in your kitchen where it will be next to the fridge, dishwasher and plenty of other metal appliances.

2. Put the Router in a Central Location

As you wonder where the best place is for your router, you should consider the overall layout of your apartment or house. If you place it in a corner somewhere, then there is a high likelihood the Wi-Fi will not reach the other side of your abode. You can avoid having dead zones anywhere in your home by choosing a centralized spot. That way the signal reaches every area equally.

3. Place It High Up

If you are able to, then the ideal router placement would be on a high shelf. The radio waves have an easier time travelling if the source is already high above other objects. This is particularly important if you live in a two-story home. You want to ensure the upper level gets the same quality Wi-Fi as the living room.

4. Consider a Room That Does Not Get a Lot of People

Another option is to consider putting your router in a room where a ton of people tends not to gather. Water inhibits the radio waves, and since humans are made up primarily of water, a lot of people in one space can dampen a signal. Therefore, you may not want the device in the living room, especially if you like hosting parties.

5. Never Put It Near a Microwave

Microwaves usually operate at the same frequency as routers. That means any time you use the microwave and the router is nearby, you can expect the signal to downgrade. The best rule of thumb is to simply keep the router out of the kitchen.

A poor Wi-Fi connection means you can expect a lot of buffering any time you want to watch something online. It also means you will need more time to carry out simple tasks. You should feel 100 percent comfortable in your home, which means you should have a Wi-Fi connection you can depend on all the time. Try moving yours to see how much better your internet connection can be.