Hard Balance – Addictive & Challenging Arcade Game

Certainly one of the most popular genres of mobile games are the arcade games. These games are quite simple for playing and in the same time are very addictive and challenging as well. Among thousands of arcade games available, finding a quality and interesting game arcade can be quite tricky. To help you, we looked and we found one amazing arcade game that offers an addictive and challenging balance gameplay. Let’s discuss about this amazing balance game.

What is Hard Balance?

Hard Balance is one very addictive and fun arcade game that is developed for IOS users as easy to play and yet highly challenging balance game where the player needs to stay in balance as long as possible. With sharp HD graphics and left and right on-screen controls, this game is testing the player’s skills of keeping balance while trying to avoid the obstacles on his way. The players that get as far as possible and stay in balance the longest will get their chance to win the highest scores and become the ultimate balance player.

Why do we love this arcade game?

This arcade game offers its players interesting features that will keep them addicted to playing while challenging their skills. On the game, players have only one task and that is to tap the on-screen controls for left and right to avoid the obstacles on their way while in the same time they try to keep the ball in balance. Players need to precise and careful and get as far as possible while staying in balance. On their way, players must collect coins and those coins will bring those scores. All the obstacles such as the bombs must be avoided because the game will end if the player hits an obstacle. As the player is progressing though the game is becoming more challenging to stay in balance and the players that collect the most coins and get as far as possible, keeping the ball in balance the longest will win the highest scores and become the ultimate balance player of this balance ball game.

Download the game now for free on App Store and try to stay in balance to get high scores!