Alchemy is A More Entertaining, Enjoyable & Addictive Twist of the Classic Alchemy Game

If you’ve never heard about Alchemy or Alchemy games, you missed a lot and you’ll love our game recommendation. However, if you heard or played some Alchemy games in the past, now it’s finally a time for a new challenge.

Enjoying the best iOS Alchemy games we found Alchemy by Denis Butyletskiy. With originally magical world of Alchemy, it takes the original Alchemy game to a better, more versatile and amazing creative level.

Challenging & addictive in the fun way

The appealing gameplay, mesmerizing graphics and tons of elements that are given for you for creation are truly amazing. Not to mention that the game updates frequently and new elements are added. This means that you will be constantly enchanted by new Alchemy puzzle challenges. Believe use, once you complete one element, you can’t stop. You’ll want more and more.

Create your own elements

While the Alchemist games are usually educational and creative, Alchemy by Denis Butyletskiy goes on another level by offering you to create your own elements. Here is where you can truly have fun! Mix, combine and create, per your own liking.

So if you are in for a totally addictive brain teaser where you can make airplanes, skyscrapers and much more from four basic elements: Air, Water, Fire and Ear, then Alchemy is a great solution! Explore and note: once you have one hundred elements, you’ll get a reward – a free magic hint that you may use at any time you’ll feel stuck. Let this be your motivation to start the alchemy game. Download for free, it’s available on the App Store.