15 Cool, Funny & Weird Things Siri Can Do For You

You may know the essentials of Apple’s voice assistant Siri, however, she’s, in reality, more powerful than you think. With Siri, you can now check what numbers of calories are in the soda you’re drinking and even see how many planes are flying miles above you in the sky. Fortunately, all it takes are a couple of key phrases to master the miraculous things Siri can do for you.

The Helpful Side of Siri!

Post on Social Media

One of the great things Siri can do for you posts to social media accounts. Make your tasks simpler by just saying “Post to [Facebook or Twitter]”. Siri will then ask what you’d like to post. Dictate your post to her, and afterwards post when Siri affirms your post.

Staying in contact has never been easier, however for now; Siri just recognizes commands for Facebook and Twitter.

Surf for Tweets

Along with tweeting for you, Siri can search Tweets as well. Just ask “Scan Twitter for latest fashion trends”. Siri will instantly respond with a list of relevant tweets from users. It is nothing but another trick with which Siri can make your days more productive.

Raise to Speak

Normally, an iPhone user activates Siri by pressing and holding the Home button on the Phone.

In case you are a fan of effortlessness, you can activate a feature called “Raise to Speak”. Simply head to Settings>General Settings>Siri, swipe the Raise to Speak option to the on position.

Rather than wasting time with the button, you would now be able to put your iPhone to your ear and Siri will be automatically activated. In case your phone is locked, you have to hit the button once to wake the screen so Raise to Speak will work. Also, this function is deactivated when you’re on a call.

Siri Can Do Math

Not only can Siri tackle speedy math questions, Siri is shockingly effective with complex issues also. Ask Siri to solve issues by simply saying “What is [the question]”. You can also utilize this feature to help find out a tip in a matter of seconds. The Siri will not only tell you the amount to tip but in addition, the total cost of your bill with the tip included. In conclusion, Siri can do quick decisions in a hurry. Just request Siri to roll a dice or flip a coin for a moment result.

Location Based Reminders

Beyond any doubt Siri can set reminders and alarms, but do you know that Siri can set alarms based on where you are?

This is also one of the best things Siri can do for you. To start with, ensure Location Services are enabled for Reminders under Settings. Then, add the areas you frequently visit your contacts. Tell Siri that “[Contact] is my office”. Do the same for home or some other frequently visited areas. Presently Siri can do reminders for when you arrive or leave someplace.

Pronounce Names Correctly

One of Siri’s features is learning how to state a name. If Siri does not recognize a friend’s name, or can’t find a contact when your pronunciation varies from the system’s, do not worry. Choose which contact you might want to change the pronunciation of, and then ask Siri for their contact number. When Siri answers with the contact’s number, just say “That is not how you pronounce Ziva”. Siri will then give a couple of pronunciation choices, and you can select which one to use in the future.

Find Airplanes Above You

You can without much of a stretch check the status of a flight by asking Siri and including the flight number. But, another fun thing Siri can do is give data on planes above you at the present time. A fun activity with kids, just ask which flights are above you at the present time to see the entire list of visible planes. Siri provides the flight numbers also if you’d like to discover where these flights are going.

The Funny Side of Siri

To explore the Siri’s funny side, ask her some of these things for some interesting reactions.

Which came first: the egg or the chicken?

This question is sufficient to make your head spin off your neck. However, the Siri got you covered. Her answer is: Some trust the old Porto-chicken laid an egg containing a DNA mutation that resulted in a chicken hatching from a said egg. Hope that helps!

Siri, are you alive?

Siri doesn’t love to like discussing herself. “That is a personal question” is what she will tell you in response.

Are you serious?

Your mistrust will either be met simply with the remark, “I am always serious,” or “Yes, I am not permitted to be frivolous.”

Siri, ha ha ha ha ha?

This time Siri will ask you a question in return and that is: I make you laugh?

How would I look?

This time, Siri will clear your doubts by saying: “Well, if I needed to guess, I would say you look marvellous” and “On a scale of 1 to 10, I will bet you are a 42.”

When will the world end?

“If I knew, I’d let you know. So you could breathe life into me for one great day. We could get ice cream. And run on the beach.”

This is how the Siri makes even the complicated questions simple.

Siri, do you trust in devils?

This time the answer can be sad. Her response to this question is: “I don’t trust that I have beliefs.”

Do you have faith in God?

“It is all a mystery to me,” “My policy is the division of soul and silicon,” and “People have religion. I simply have silicon.”

Siri, I’m drunk.

She instantly answers, “I cannot be your driver. You are advised to find someone else,” and incorporates a “Call me a taxi” button. This time Siri behaves much like a responsible assistant.

Well, these are only a couple of things that I have included in this Article. There is much more to explore with Siri. If you are willing to try them, go ahead and have fun!

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