iOS 12 Release Date & New Features We Expect

Are you also one of that iOS usersthat haves been hearing alot about IOS 12 but have so many questions in mind like is it really coming any soon? And if it is, then when is it coming? What all will be features.

Here in this guide, we will be updating you with the ever latest information about IOS 12 and that how can you get it when it’s available.

The possibility of its release:

Apple likes to maintain strict guidelines and believes in sticking to the schedule when it comes to releasing the updates for iOS and thus we believe if it were to follow the pattern of iOS 11, iOS 10, iOS 9 and others, iOS 12 shall be no different and should be announced in June and pushed out to the world at large in September.

Presently everyone has their attention on the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) which will starts on Monday 4 June 2018 and continue for the whole week. Thus, it makes it quite certain that Apple is going to announce iOS 12 and showcase some of its new features during that time.

About the form of its release, it will follow the pattern of the previous version. Apple will make the software available via a public beta test for people that are so eager to be the first one to use it and won’t mind getting the beta version with the risk of few bugs with it.

And when the official version of iOS 12 will finally be made available to everyone, it will work on every device that currently supports iOS 11, but we can’t say anything for certain because they might release a list of devices that will be or will not be able to have iOS 12

What will be the focus?

Apple hasn’t cleared all the rumours going iOS 12 till yet to but based upon what we have been hearing indicate that we will most likely be getting a minor update this time. What reports say is that the major focus for Apple would be the reliability and performance of iOS 12. all well and good but not exactly the sort of features you get you mashing the software update button in a frenzy.

One of the key factor to see will happen on Macs rather than iPhones. Because if sources are to ne believed from this year onwards the iOS apps will be able to run on macOS, a step that seems sensible providing Windows 10 can work on both tablets and Chrome OS now supports android. In the context, Apple is currently behind its rivals.

We’re also looking forward to seeing more in the direction of AR features, thanks of which goes to ARK it, including some funky new Animoji’s to stand in for your face. Apple has made too much of these technologies already to leave them behind now, so expect an ample number of fresh features that let you mix the real with the augmented.

Features to be added:

New ANIMOJI – Animoji which is already available on the iPhone X, will get new shapes in the mew iOS 12. Apple is on its way to plan to release new Animoji characters and an easy to interact interface to navigate.

Animoji are also coming to the iPad, with the next-generation iPad Pro rumoured to include a TrueDepth camera.

Animoji Facetime Integration – Apple is also thinking to integrate Animoji into FaceTime which will enable people to use the animated emoji characters while making a video call.

Beside this, Multi-person facetime calls are believed to in the process of being explored as well, but Bloomberg says that feature might not be ready for a 2018 debut.

Parental Controls –  Apple has been planning to upgrade its parental controls in iOS 12 with a newly made Digital Health tool which will make a way for parents to figure out how much time their children have spent using iOS devices, which will allow parents to better monitor screen time.

Airplay 2 – there was an update to Apple’s wireless streaming tool which was released in the earlier beta version of 11.3 but vanished in the third. This suggests the company may be holding it back for iOS 12, and is rumoured to allow support for multi-room audio. In the context of Apple’s HomePod, this is likely to be a crucial upgrade.


Several other features have been rumoured for the iOS 12 update, such as the following:

1) Newly redesigned Stocks app.

2) A more broader Do Not Disturb version that will offer users more options to automatically reject calls or mute notifications.

3) Revamped interface for importing photos into an iPad.

4) it will have Multi-person augmented reality games.

5) Revamped iBooks app with “Today” section.

5) Deeper Siri integration in Photos for search purposes.

What we are hoping to get from the iOS 12 release –

The reality is that Apple’s iOS apps urgently need new updates and newness specially the likes of Mail, Apple Maps, Safari and even the Camera beacuse they appear to be way behind what other app developers are offering these days and its high time for Apple to realise that what a risk it will be getting left behind. It will start creating problems for apple if everyone starts shifting to Google apps.

We would suggest Apple’s software engineers that a quick refresh of the notifications system would be very much appreciated. This is a department where iOS is still lagging behind Android, though both mobile operating systems have made it easier to swipe through big batches of alerts in one go in recent years.

Apple has always been extra cautious of their user’s privacy, so don’t be surprised to see extra features to help you take more control over your data and how it’s used.

So, this was all about iOS 12. Hope we provided you all the information that you were looking for.

Author Bio: James Grills is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT technology. He is a marketing advisor – currently associated with Cumulations Technologies a mobile app development company in India.