Gain exclusive rewards in upcoming MMO strategy title Iron Throne by Pre-registering today

Netmarble’s new MMO strategy game is leaving no stone unturned, launching in just a few days with an ambitious campaign, unique hero system, and even its own Battle Royale mode. All in aid of your goal to rise from lowly adventurer to king of the realm, you can pre-register before the official launch on May 16th for some exclusive in-game treats.

Set in a fantasy land full of swords and sorcery, Iron Throne sees you control a unique character intent on claiming the crown. Doing so will require strong strategic tactics, a willingness to lead troops, and waging war with your army against others.

As far as MMO strategy games go, Iron Throne hopes to delight in all aspects. An in-game crafting system means you’ll constantly be powering up your forces and classic RPG quests promise to provide a riveting plot twist or two. Will you become a winner of the throne through competition or co-operation with others all over the world? It’s your choice.

Those craving a slight edge in their ambitious quest will find it if pre-registering before the game’s official launch. Simply head to the official Iron Throne website and enter your details, doing so will see you receive exclusive rewards in the form of 1,000 gold, a Dimensional Conqueror Helm, and an accompanying Dimensional Conqueror Great Sword. Perfect for giving you a healthy head start.

Prove your worth in the world of Iron Throne when it launches on May 16th by pre-registering now.