How to Migrate Data from Old iPhone/Android to New Red iPhone 8

So you’ve got yourself a new iPhone 8 and you want to make sure you keep all your data and transfer them over easier than using iTunes. We have a large amount of data on our iPhone, these will include, photos, music, videos, personal data and much more. Using iTunes takes time and you generally have to slowly sort through in order to organise your files. Also, with iTunes, you can see a preview of your backup files or select the backup you which to restore. This is why we recommend the software AnyTrans, it’s the smart way to manage, transfer and backup your files.

AnyTrans from iMobie make sure you never lose your data from your iOS device and backup everything automatically, wirelessly and securely. The great feature of AnyTrans is that it allows you to preview your backup before you restore it. Transferring data is easy and you can even select what you need to transfer so you can save storage and time. You can simply make your new iPhone look just like your old one with even migrating wallpaper and ringtones. With AnyTrans you can effectively clone your iPhone.

You can transfer data in 3 steps. Once you’ve download AnyTrans then run the software. Connect both of your old and new iPhone to the computer with USB cables. Click on the Device tab of old iPhone, and then on the homepage of AnyTrans for iOS click Clone Device or Merge Device.

Clone Device – suits for those whose new iPhone is totally new, and doesn’t have any data on it. Clone Device will clone all the data and files from old iPhone to new iPhone 8/X/7/6s/SE, and the data on new iPhone will be erased during transferring.

Merge Device – suits for those whose iPhone already has been used. Merge Device will transfer all the data from old iPhone to new iPhone 8/X/7/6s/SE, and the existing data on new iPhone will remain intact during content merging.

Click Clone Device > Select the target device > Click Right Arrow to go next step. Select the categories you want to transfer to new iPhone, like Photos, Messages, Contents, Notes, Apps, etc., and click the Right Arrow. Then wait for the process to finish. It’s that easy, no errors, no data loss.

If you’re an Android user and ever want to move to an iPhone then AnyTrans make transferring your data easy and securely. You can download the latest release of AnyTrans here.