The Price, Release Date and Specifications to Expect for iPhone X Plus

It hasn’t been long since the Apple revealed the iPhone X, but it is very much clear from its release that it has opened up a new chapter in the story of Apple smartphone, with a device that ditches up the Touch ID and physical home button.

Apple is assumed to tinker with its 2018 iPhone lineup with the objective to goose the adoption of the three models introduced in 2017. Three new ones are allegedly coming later in this year. These will be the most expensive iPhone ever – while the incremental improvements of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus have lacked adequate energy to drive out the masses into upgrading.

As the iPhone X was announced last November, there have reports which Apple is creating no less than three models of different sizes, involving two gigantic versions based upon the present flagship. Addition to the body and specifications, Apple is expected to give the coming iPhone many of the annual advancements we have expected – new build colours and material, high screen resolution, a bump in processing speeds and changes to extend the battery life.

So to outline, 2018 will see another lineup in an iPhone, beginning on a higher end with the assumed iPhone X Plus, with a big 480 to 500 PPI OLED, edge to edge display. Accompanied by the 5.8 inch iPhone X, another iPhone 8S Plus with a 6-inch edge to edge LCD display. It could have a bigger 3300 to 3400 mAh battery and 4GB RAM. It might have a new iOS that definitely requires a big overhaul. In addition, you will lay more focus on AR or VR apps.

The Expected Price

A 6-inch edge to edge iPhone 8S Plus with a retina display (LCD) substituting the present iPhone 8 Plus and is predicted to be priced nearby $999, that is $64,900 approx. Do you despise the score? Or else do you grasp it? Indeed, its opportunity to join the second camp since Apple is not disappointing the score.

Release Date

Apple is very much traditional with the iPhone launched. So, if there is one thing of which we are certain of, the new iPhone X Plus must be introduced before the awe-struck world in the second week of September in 2018.

The Specifications

Let’s dive into some of the rumoured specifications of iPhone X Plus:

  • Three Rear Lens

It is rumoured that iPhone X Plus might have a rear-facing camera comprising a triple-lens array. Such a camera will improve the rear zoom capacity of iPhone and will have an enhanced picture quality in dim light surroundings.

  • Bigger iPhone

The new iPhone X Plus, which a considerable number of clients are eagerly waiting for, is particularly taking shape, with a 6.4-inch display that consistently goes edge to edge. The successor should look the same as the present iPhone X is only a bigger body. Nothing unexpected, Apple is taking the best OLED display mate directly into this iPhone X Plus too, with an insane resolution and 480 to 500 PPI.

  • Face ID

Apple is expected to have a further advanced TrueDepth framework, controlling the FaceID. This is expected to observe in all the three models to be announced this year. With the facial recognition technology completely deployed through in 2018 iPhone lineup, Apple would overlook the fingerprint sensor from the coming batch of the phones.

  • iPhone Support for the Apple iPen or Pencil

An OLED featured iPhone which is due in 2018 is supposed to support an iPen device. An iPhone which supports the Apple Pencil since its first debut in 2015 and yet the new 2018 iPad’s addition of Apple pencil functionality provides this old chestnut with a new life.

  • Virtual Fingerprint Scanner

As the FaceID has alleviated the need for the fingerprint scanner, there has been a buzz around the Touch ID embedded in the display – a trustworthy leader of the rumour cycle since the run-up of the iPhone 8 continues.

Ending Note

It must be too early to comment on the release date, price and specifications of the new iPhone X Plus. No sneak peaks or official announcements suggest anything regarding this new iPhone. The one thing of which we are sure is that the new iPhones are going to break the stunning smartphones together with a raw power which they hold.

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