How to Promote Your Health with the AlwaysOn Wellness App

(Ad) The AlwaysOn Wellness app connects you with your company’s wellness program, enabling you to focus on your health wherever you are. The app makes it easy for members to take health assessments, track nutrition and fitness goals, and monitor their progress. AlwaysOn works in conjunction with over 100 popular fitness trackers and mobile apps, including Apple Health, Jawbone, Fitbit, and more. Once you sync it with your fitness tracker, the app starts harvesting data, which it reports back to you in the form of charts and graphs. If you need support managing your health, this app can help. 

Set Fitness Goals

Image via Flickr by Rance Costa

The AlwaysOn app allows you to set fitness goals and uses data it collects from your fitness tracker to monitor your progress toward them. For instance, if you set a goal to take 5,000 steps every day, the AlwayOn app will monitor your steps through your fitness tracker. To check your progress toward your step goal, open the app or wait for a notification. You’re not limited to one goal; you can opt to set several. If you decide to set another fitness goal in addition to your step goal, AlwaysOn will harvest the additional data from your fitness tracker and report it back to you. Other fitness goal ideas are lifting weights or attending an exercise class two or three times a week.

Track Caloric Intake

Tracking your caloric intake can help you lose weight and inspire you to eat more nutritious foods. Use the AlwaysOn app to track your calories through your fitness tracker. If your fitness tracker doesn’t monitor caloric intake, enter the information manually into AlwaysOn. A quick glance tells you if you’re on track to meet your daily caloric goals. This information allows you to make real-time changes to your diet, letting you adjust what you’re eating, whether you’re cooking dinner at home or eating lunch out with colleagues.  

To consistently track this nutrition data and monitor your fitness goals, AlwaysOn needs constant access to your health information. To give AlwaysOn the data it needs, a high-speed cellular network is essential. If you’re looking for a network to use with AlwaysOn, a recent study from OpenSignal, a company that specializes in wireless coverage mapping, found that the wireless carrier T-Mobile provides the fastest cellular service in the United States. To make sure that your health data is tracked, recorded, and accurate, joining a fast, dependable network is a smart step to take.

Lose Weight

Weight loss requires you to reduce your caloric intake and increase your physical activity. While these seem like easy things to do, they’re often hard to implement. AlwaysOn helps by displaying all your fitness and nutrition data in one place. By presenting concrete evidence about your fitness and nutrition activity, the app can inspire you to make better choices and help you lose weight.

To help you get the most out of AlwaysOn and lose weight, it’s important to have a phone that can handle all the information it must transmit. A reliable phone on a fast network, such as an iPhone 8 from a carrier like T-Mobile, can be a powerful health improvement tool. While your phone can’t do the work for you, the information it provides can inspire you to work harder for yourself.  

Improve Overall Health and Well-Being

Improving your overall health is about more than weight loss. It varies, but achieving better health can also involve improving blood pressure levels, quitting smoking, and getting better sleep. AlwaysOn helps you safely work toward your health goals by providing you with access to biometric screenings, health coaches, and wellness incentives. Biometric screenings are held at your workplace, and the information received can be used for in-app goal setting. Then, if you choose, you can share your biometric screening data with a health coach. AlwaysOn’s health coaches are backed by a team of clinical specialists and have master’s or doctoral degrees. Contact your coach through in-app secure messaging or a push-to-call button. Your health coach will help you identify health issues, set realistic goals, and offer encouragement.

AlwaysOn is a comprehensive tool that can help you lose weight, gain energy, and manage your overall health. By providing you with access to fitness data, biometric screenings, health coaches, and an intuitive app interface, it allows you to improve, manage, and take charge of your health.