Iron Throne, the new fantasy-set MMO strategy game from Netmarble launches on the App Store

Ever wanted to rule your own kingdom and maybe even prove yourself to others while doing it? Iron Throne is the new strategy MMO game set in a fantasy world, perfectly primed to let you achieve this particular ambition. One million users have already pre-registered for the game, which is free to download and play from today.

Iron Throne aims to live up to the promise of bringing console-quality graphics to mobile, immersing you in its fully explorable open world using full 3D visuals. Along with your journey, the army you create will largely consist of adventurers with an equal hatred of the darkness which has befallen the land. Placing them as captains of your kingdom’s castle is the only way to successfully evolve your citadel.

When not bolstering your forces on a large-scale, players can look forward to classic RPG elements of play such as real-time battles, quests given to you by NPCs, as well as the ability to craft new weapons and gear. All of which combine to aid in the greater task at hand, that task being to claim the iron throne for your own.

PVP battles are on hand in Iron Throne for those adventurers looking for a different style of challenge. Traditional Team Deathmatch pits two teams of 20 against one another with the promise of exclusive rewards, while a dedicated Battle Royale mode is on offer for players who are more competitive than co-operative in their online playstyle.

Iron Throne’s blend of strategy and real-time battling is now available on the App Store. Why not jump in with the million early birds already claiming their territory?