The rise of mobile gaming

(Ad) The gaming industry is a vast money-making machine, with profits of over $108 billion per annum in recent years. This year sees the first time that the mobile gaming industry will make more profit than the huge sums made by gaming consoles, with as much as 31% of gamers choosing to spend on mobile games rather than more traditional platforms. That rising trend looks set to continue, with major players like Konami announcing that they will be focusing their future growth on smartphone gaming. While the switch to mobile gaming isn’t heralding the end of Xboxes and PlayStations, it does mean that as an industry the smart money is on the mobile market. What that means for gamers is more choice and more ways to play.

Evolving definition of ‘gamers’

When we think of the stereotype of the modern day gamer, it’s easy to picture a headset-wearing teenager screaming obscenities at rivals while playing the latest war game, but the fact is that even the notion of what constitutes a ‘gamer’ is evolving. Even if the common misconception is that consoles are for serious players and that gamers who play on their phones are casual players, the fact is that the numbers of so-called casual gamers is growing faster than any other user base, with up to 75% of money spent on the iOS Store going to mobile game developers and teams. The idea of the casual gamer seems to be becoming less realistic when you realize that up to 43% of mobile app use is spent on gaming.


Why the mobile market is growing

There are a number of reasons why the use of mobile gaming is growing, and not least of those is the fact that mobile technology is improving exponentially. We are a long way from the days of Snake on your old Nokia. In fact, there are more like casino apps that teach you how to win on slots. Nowadays, it is possible to play augmented reality apps like Pokemon Go and Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery, that offer a whole new method of gameplay. One of the fastest growing areas is that of online casino play, with advances made that take advantage of the tech that’s now available. With big casinos like this South Korea Online Casino (온라인 카지노) updating their technology to provide the very best in user experience, it’s no surprise that the online gambling market is one of the fastest-growing formats for those ‘casual gamers.’

Why mobile gaming is a positive to the industry

There are those, of course, who believe that the growth in mobile gaming is going to become an issue for the console industry. Players who are used to more traditional gaming platforms are concerned about the focus that many large game companies are giving to mobile games, and are worried that it will mean a reduction in content for their own console experience. However, the increasing prevalence of mobile gaming is arguably a positive, because with the huge success of early-access free games like Fortnite proving that even without charging an initial purchase fee it is still possible to make huge profits, the console gaming industry is going nowhere.

As technology continues to improve and gaming apps keep getting more advanced and user-friendly, the rise of the mobile gaming app looks set to disrupt an already fraught consumer market.