App Review – SPIN

There’s an app for everything today, so why not use them for car shopping? Car-buying apps cut out some of that work. With the right shopping app for this purpose you will be able to find the best cars depending on your preferences, look at prices, compare them and get all information needed before choosing the best car for you to buy. To help you with the search, we looked and we found the app that can help you with that. Let’s discuss about this amazing car shopping app.

What is SPIN?

SPIN is a helpful and efficient shopping app for vehicles which allows users to easily and without much effort find new cars, trucks, SUVs, and crossovers for sale. The app is developed for IOS users, easy to use and especially customized to help users find all the information they need before buying a car quickly. On the app, users will be able to research all the current new models, build and view pricing, save favorites, compare, and find the best car for them that suits their preferences. Users when the find the right car for them can use the app to contact local auto dealers to get pricing or schedule a test drive.

Why do we love this app?

Users on the app have the chance to use a lot of different features that will help them choose the right car for them without any effort. On the app, users are able to quickly discover new cars that have the features he needs and they can choose to browse through the app manually, accessing any category or bran of auto with a tap.  Based on user’s selections, the app will display a list of vehicles that best match what the user likes and if he changes he minds he can update his preferences anytime. Hundreds of models and thousands of configurations are available and the app automatically saves cars and trucks the user looks at in his “recently viewed” list ready for access whenever the user needs.

The app keeps everything up to date and allows users to save their favorite cars and look at them whenever they want to. With over 16,000 hand selected images, the user will see how his favorite cars look from different angles, learning about all features and details. Users will find out easily and they will also find out which cars have the latest safety features, to make their choice without wasting much time. When the user finds a car he likes, he need to tap the build button to update the options and price and get the car dialled how he likes before he ever talk to a dealer.

Download the app for free now on App Store to look for cars for sale and find the best one for you!