The tado Smart Radiator Thermostat is the Perfect Way to Save on your Heating Bills

If you need to setup and make adjustments to your central heating system then summer is generally the best time to be doing this. During summer the heating will not need to be on so any adjustments will not affect you too much. We are in a smart world where almost everything in our home is operated by a smart device. From kettles to dishwashers we find that smart gadgets make life just that bit easier. I’ve got my hands on a tado Smart radiator thermostat and not only will I be able to control my heating from anywhere, I will also be saving on my heating bill.

The tado smart radiator thermostat allows me to easily turn any radiator in my home into one that I can control with the tado app. There is no need for me to leave the heating on and waste energy. Also, if I know I’m leaving work then I can easily adjust the thermostat to the temperature I want. The tado thermostat is compatible with valves from a large number of radiator manufacturer, so you won’t need to worry about if it will work with yours. The tado also have built-in sensors that will keep track of the temperature so it’s perfect for the climate. There’s some clever technology that allows you to set your location within the app and as soon as you leave home the thermostat will automatically turn the temperature down and back up when you return. The tado thermostat adjusts to suit your life. It works with Amazon echo, Apple Homekit and Google home.

The tado is easy to install and doesn’t require any special tools. You simply remove the old thermostatic head on your radiator and screw on the smart thermostat. I picked up the starter kit for £179 which includes two smart radiator thermostats which allow me to set up on 2 radiators. There’s also an internet bridge that plugs directly into your router so you can easily connect the thermostats to get an internet connection.

Tado prides itself on saving consumers money, on average of £235 per year according to the manufacturer. I going to have to wait until winter to see if it really say be that much, I am quite optimistic.

The free tado app is a great companion and almost essential for the thermostat to set up and work. You can control the thermostat through online account as well. The app is compatible with iOS and Android.