Escape to Outer Space with the Awesome Space Delivery Company App

iPhoneGlance - Awesome Space Delivery Company

Tired of living on one planet? You can escape to outer space when you play the Awesome Space Delivery Company game. This addictive app lets you make intergalactic deliveries while earning points and competing against other space travelers. So, whether you’re focused on advancing to other planet levels or just want to beat the other players, you’ll be hooked on the game at lightning speed!

Get started playing the Awesome Space Delivery Company app by downloading it for $1.99 from the iTunes store or Google Play. All you have to do is start making your deliveries in your spaceship by tapping on the two sides of your screen. The two-button play is easy to master, which means you’ll be racking up the points fast. Every delivery you make earns you more credits, allowing you to unlock new, more challenging planets to travel to. More credits also means you’ll be able to upgrade and customize your ship to help you smash down your opponents. New contracts are always available that give you either bonuses or penalties for every task you complete during your adventures.

The best part of the game is getting to upgrade your spaceship with better features, like a new hull, fuel tank, engines, skin, or increased protection options (like better radar and shields). The more credits you earn the better your spaceship will be, so you can fly further and outlast your competitors. If you’re interested in rising up the ranks, play in endless run mode, which lets you compete against your rivals and climb up the national and global cross-platform leaderboards. The higher your score and the more trophies you earn the higher the likelihood you’ll become addicted to this game!

iPhoneGlance - Awesome Space Delivery Company

If you’re interested in a game with more complicated play, you could get a tad bored with the Awesome Space Delivery Company app. The levels tend to feel a little too similar to one another if you’re used to gaming with more complex levels. However, the game should still be a little challenging for most folks, and it’s a great option for people that get frustrated with ads or needing to make in-app purchases – none of which are in this app. Equally, if you’re a fan of the old-school arcade-style games and graphics then the Awesome Space Delivery Company has a very satisfying nostalgic feel to the gameplay that vintage gamers will enjoy.

Get hooked on some interplanetary fun, and download the Awesome Space Delivery Company app today!