Morphy Richards Turbo Steam Pro Iron

I’ll be honest with you I am wasn’t a huge fan of ironing, I simply found it a mundane task, however, I still have to do it. I generally do the ironing on the weekend for all my clothes for the week. I found that the iron I have wasn’t doing a good job anymore. It had burnt marks on the plate, it was leaving streaks on my clothes and the steaming just didn’t seem to work anymore. The annoying thing is I’ve only had it for about 5 months. I was thinking to myself, surely an iron should last longer than that. I started looking around and saw some really good write up of the Morphy Richards TurboSteam Pro so decided to get one.

The Morphy Richards TurboSteam Pro has a number of great features like pearl ceramic soleplate, quick powerful heat up, large water tank for longer ironing time, auto shut, limescale management and vertical steaming. However, I wasn’t bothered about any of this, I just needed to know that I can iron my clothes without streaks or get burn marks on the iron. I needed my ironing to be enjoyable and I cannot believe I am saying this, it now is, because of the TurboSteam. The iron is light and glides over my clothes. It took me half the time to iron a pair of trousers than it did with my old iron. The iron heats up really quickly so I can get ironing in seconds.

The features are worth mentioning because it is the reasons why the iron is such a good one. There is the limescale management which is a self-clean and antiscale feature. This helps prolong the life of the iron. The auto shut off is perfect because it switches off the iron when it’s left unused for 1 min on the soleplate and 8 minutes on its heel. The pearl ceramic soleplate means the iron won’t stick to your clothes. With a large water tank, I can iron for much longer without having to refill.

Now, I’m not saying I love ironing but the Morphy Richards TurboSteam Pro makes it a lot more enjoyable. For only £50 I can say that it’s well worth it.