Miele WW1660 TwinDos Washing Machine Review

Miele is generally not a brand of washing machine I would have thought of using but I was absolutely shocked after my first week with their WW1660 TwinDos 9kg capacity washing machine. My previous washing machine was a Hotpoint and even though it’s not broken I thought it wasn’t giving me a good enough wash like it used to a year ago. My decision to get a new machine wasn’t done lightly, they are not cheap but I want to have fresh clean clothes, so I had to. I searched around, read a few reviews on different websites and found that the Miele brand has been around for years and seems to be a great brand. The ‘Which?’ website puts the Miele WW1660 in a great light, according to them and I quote, “They don’t come any better than this – it’s expensive, but you’re guaranteed results.” Expensive meaning that the WW1660 retails at a whopping £1099 but for top quality, you need to pay top price.

The Miele WW1660 is a stand-alone machine and packed with features. The 9kg capacity means that you can wash a really large amount of clothes. The machine has two reservoirs drums that will automatically dispense the right amount of detergent and softner each time you wash, this is the TwinDos feature. Another feature I like is the ability to check on the progress of your washing or program the machine over Wi-Fi using your smartphone.

Stubborn dirt and stains are removed even with the quick wash it’s probably one of the best wash I have ever seen in fast time. The spin cycle is amazing and my laundry came out more dry than what I was getting with my Hotpoint. I don’t have to wait around for hours for them to dry thanks to the 1600rpm spin speed. The machine is absolutely easy to use, the controls are self-explanatory and the display shows just what you need.

The machine uses the Miele brand detergent and softner but these are significantly more expensive than the traditional ones. Normal detergent and softener can be used in the machine, I haven’t tested these out yet but the I think the machine does an amazing wash with whatever you put in it.

Should I get One?

Well, if you’re happy to pay the price then definitely. It’s by far the best machine I have used and believe me I have been through a few. If you need a thorough wash that will get rid of dirt and stains easily then the Miele WW1660 is the one. I got mine from AO.com and received an amazing service. The machine was out of stock but I received a call letting me know when the new delivery date would be. I was able to track the delivery through the AO app. Try them out, well worth it.