RoboWrecks – Addictive & Challenging Strategy Puzzle Game

Puzzle games are certainly one of the most popular and addictive games that we can play on our smartphones. These games can help us sharpen our brain while they offer us to have fun playing at the same time. Among so many puzzle games offered, finding a quality one with unique gameplay can be quite hard. To help with your search and make it easier for you, we decided to look and we found one amazing puzzle game to test your strategy skills. Let’s discuss this puzzle game.

What is RoboWrecks?

RoboWrecks is one very interesting and addictive puzzle game but at the same time quite challenging, teasing the player’s brain with each puzzle offered for solving. The game is developed for IOS users, offering them amazing HD graphics, a unique environment for playing as the chance to test their puzzle skills by being strategic and planning their moves ahead in order to wreck and solve the larger puzzle. Players will enjoy the exciting puzzle gameplay, try to help the steer Robowrecks, wreck to triumph and restore the robots’ capabilities.

Why do we love this puzzle game?

This puzzle game is offering users different features that will keep their attention and get them addicted to playing the game fast. On the game, players have only one task to fulfill and that is to help the steer Robowrecks action and restore the robots wrecking capabilities by strategically planning their movement. Players just need to click move and destroy with activating the wreckers’ blades by picking up a RoboActivator with the same color as the USO and then navigate to the USO and help demolish USOs. Offering players 32 unique stages of wrecks they can progress in as also on the game, players will have the chance to pick from 75 amazing characters to play with. With the unique character equals and the unique environment created, players will certainly enjoy each moment of puzzling. On the game, players will need to strategize, puzzle through the wrecks, plan what to pick next, play timed by stage and wreck to triumph to solve the puzzle and move on to the next, even more, challenging one.

Download the game now on App Store for free to solve the larger puzzle by strategizing your moves!